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5 Gifts you Shouldn't Give at Christmas

It’s almost that time of year again where each and every one of us makes a mad dash for the stores to purchase last minute gifts for Christmas. However, even though you’re in a rush there are still some gifts that you simply should not give during the festive period. If you’re that auntie that always gives the same gift or the grandmother who still believes oranges are exactly what children wish to receive, we’ve got a few tips to change that.

Couple giving bad christmas present

#5 – Underwear

It is incredibly easy to go wrong when purchasing underwear; selecting the right size, style, colour and material is incredibly difficult even if you’re close to the individual, it’s near impossible if you’re not that close. Imagine if you’re purchasing underwear for a female within your family and you pick a size larger than they need – you’re going to cause chaos.

unhappy woman opening a christmas gift

#4 – Bubble Bath

Many people believe that they cannot go wrong if they buy ‘smellies’ for Christmas; this belief is wrong. It’s possible that by purchasing gifts such as bubble bath, shower gel and other items you could offend the person that you are giving the gift too. Another reason as to why bubble bath, deodorant and shower gel do not make great gifts is because we can purchase these for ourselves at any time of the year – these gifts are not festive and unless you’ve put a lot of thought into the specific item that you’re going to give, they aren’t special either.


#3 – Knitted Sweaters

Yes, the weather is much colder the closer we get to Christmas but knitted sweaters really aren’t the answer. This particular item of clothing may have been all the rage in the 80s but things have changed and receiving a knitted sweater isn’t what it used to be.

If you’re intent on knitting something for your family and friends avoid the sweaters and focus on something practical such as a pair of gloves or a scarf.


#2 – Socks

Whether or not your friend or family member has asked for socks this year, you still shouldn’t give them at Christmas. Socks are an item that we can purchase for ourselves at any time of the year and they’re not particularly special. Many people would argue that it’s the thought that counts – but how much thought do you put into purchasing a pair of socks for somebody significant in your life?


#1 – A Present You were Given a Previous Christmas

This has to be one of the worst mistakes that you can make at Christmastime! Do not give a gift that you were given for your birthday or during a previous Christmas. To begin with the person that you are giving this recycled gift to may remember that they have given the gift to you, or they may remember that you were given the gift by another individual.


If you do not like a gift that you have been given you should return it to the store and explain the situation to them, or give the item to your significant other as a gesture of good will rather than as a gift.


So there you have it; the aforementioned are the 5 worst gifts that you can give this Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on Christmas celebrations, decorations and much more at UK Christmas World!

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