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A Guide to Recycling Your Seasonal Decorations

Christmas often turns out to be an incredibly expensive time of year; but not everything that you purchase has to be thrown away after the festivities. There are many different decorations and seasonal trimmings that can be used throughout the year for various different purposes. Here’s a guide on how to recycle your decorations and make the most of your trinkets and trimmings. 

Christmas Tree Coat Rack

If you purchased a real Christmas tree rather than an artificial one; you shouldn’t burn the remains and you don’t have to take it to be recycled either. By removing the lower branches of your Christmas tree and the tip of it you can create a makeshift coat rack. 

The coat rack may not be the most contemporary piece within your household, but that’s the point. Due to the fact that the coat rack is made of natural materials it should fit right in at your home and will provide you with a practical method of recycling. 

Christmas Candles

Although candles that are clearly Christmas themed cannot be displayed around the house in obvious locations during other months, they can be saved and utilised during power cuts or for other Christian events. Easter is an excellent time of year to light candles throughout your home to represent the shortening of nights and to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

These candles can also be placed in glass jars throughout your garden so that if you are sitting outside during the late evening you can create makeshift lanterns - this means that you will be saving on electricity and recycling your candles at the same time.

Greeting Cards

More cards are handed out at Christmas and New Year than at any other time of year; this is largely due to the festivities surrounding the month of December. Although there are many recycling centres and services that will take your unwanted greeting cards from you - there are also uses for these cards within your home.

These cards can be cut into an assortment of different shapes and used to decorate the rooms within your home – one of the best uses for these greetings cards if for them to be cut into hearts or stars, attached to a length of string and used to decorate a child’s bedroom.

Recycling Wreaths

Wreaths are by far one of the most recyclable decorations that you can purchase; wreaths can be transformed into a centre piece for your table, a wall decoration or they can be converted into a different type of seasonal wreath.

To create a table decoration using your wreath all you need is a few candles, some bows and if you’re feeling creative, a can of spray paint too. The spray paint should be of the same colour that your house is themed around; or at least the same colour as the room that you will be using the wreath in.

Remove any Christmas based decorations that are already attached to the wreath and spray the additions in the colour of your choice. Use a glue gun or superglue to add the bows and other accessories to your wreath – leave your wreath to dry before placing it in the centre of your table.

Recycling your decorations doesn’t have to be limited to the products listed above; recycling your seasonal decorations and ornaments can be as simple, complicated or creative as you want it to be.

For more information decorations, ornaments and all things festive you can get in touch with us as UK Christmas World for our expert advice.

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