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Add an indoor water feature to your Christmas wish list!

When thinking of Christmas gifts, many of us think of electronics, clothes, slippers and socks however we would not think of water features. Over the years indoor water feature have become increasingly popular amongst many families. Indoor water features actually make a perfect gift for a friend or loved one during the holiday season. They are not only suitable for gifts, they are great for table top Christmas decorations and will certainly enhance the look of any room during the festive season. When you think of water fountains it stimulates the brain into remembering past memories of mountain streams, bubbling brooks, waterfalls falling onto rocks bellow and even summer rains. Soothing sounds of falling water is a perfect natural sound to ease the mind day and night. With such promising characteristics, it is easy to see why these fabulous features have become the 'in thing' over the years. 

With Christmas being a stressful period for us all, the soothing ambiance that an indoor water feature would provide might be what some people are looking for. Many families across the UK are bringing indoor water features to their home with a goal of transforming their living room or even kitchen into a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. 

When it comes to indoor water features there are hundreds of different designs. For example, wall fountains, which can be mounted indoor or out. These all come in many sizes and styles. If you are looking for something that is a little more subtle or smaller then there are small wall fountains that can be mounted on any wall and large wall fountains that need a significant amount of space. With such a wide array of materials available many of the indoor features are now available in various materials such as slate, marble and copper. In many models there are additional benefits that will help to enhance the general look and feel of an indoor water feature such as mirrors and decorative pebbles. 

Table top fountains are the simplest and probably the most popular of the indoor water features as they are all easy to place around your home. They come in sizes small enough for a bedside table or kitchen counter. There are also larger ones that are designed to be the main centrepiece. On some models the water pours out of a spout at the top of the feature and slides down a series of steps or spheres to land on some beautiful decorative pebbles at the bottom. Some of the features contain the very popular LED lights which will illuminate the water giving a wonderful glow. 


Some of the more popular indoor features over the last few years have been the Orb indoor water feature. This is actually new this year, however it has been so popular that it is considered one the top selling indoor water features. With its stainless steel sphere, the water slowly trickles down from the spout at the top and gently falls on to the decorative pebbles below. The Lily water feature has also proved to be a remarkably popular water feature over the years. With a delicate oriental lily has two water courses and is ideal for placing onto a table top in a living or dining area. Either way an indoor water feature is a great option for a Christmas decoration in any room. 


Which ever indoor water feature you choose this Christmas, it is sure to bring a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere to anyone this Christmas. Maybe you can write an indoor water feature on your very own Christmas wish list this year! 

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