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Adding LED Icicle Lights to Your House This Christmas

Snowing icicle lights can easily be added to the outside of homes and create the dazzling effect of falling snow.

When planning your Christmas display this year and looking at the most suitable set we would always advise planning ahead. While the nights are lighter this time of year is perfect to work out what size light set you will need to cover the outside of your home in snowing icicle lights.

lights and ladder hanging from house guttering

First work out where the lights power feed will run from. The majority of Christmas lights come with at least 10 metres (30 feet) or cable from the transformer to the start of the light set. The transformer will need to be either kept inside or safe in a weatherproof outdoor power box.  The controller for the lights which enables you to speed up or slow down the snowing effect also needs to be accessible and again kept away from the any rain or damp.

Take external measurements from where the edge of the house begins and remember to take into consideration any porches, extensions or garages.

Attaching the icicle lights if you have gutters is relatively easy using simple plastic gutter hooks which can be clipped onto the edge of the gutter rim and allow for the cable to be hung securely.

Snowing icicle lights are available in several colours including ice white, brilliant blue, a blue and white combination, and warm white for a more subtle light display.

Once installed you are ready for big turn on!

My tip here would be to purchase a timer which can be set for the same time each night. This will automatically turn the lights on and then off at your chosen times.

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