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Be Creative with Leftover Christmas Decorations

So, the time comes when you get out the Christmas Decorations to trim your house this year. We’re sure you must have a few odd Christmas Decorations, baubles, figures, tinsel etc. that you wouldn’t necessarily put on your tree this winter, but it’s a shame for them to go to waste. For this blog we have found lots of great ways that you can utilise your leftover decorations, and create something new and exciting for your home this year in the process!

Here are a few fantastic ideas found from Apartment Therapy.com that would really work in any home with any style of décor.

  • Placing your unused baubles and other tree ornaments in a dish as seen in the picture is a great and very simple way to create an effective looking centre piece for a table decoration, whether it be in the middle of your dinner table, coffee table or corner table inside your door. You can add other bits and pieces too to jazz it up a bit, in this example they have used gold beads and Christmas foliage, but choose anything you have lying around that suits your particular style. 


  • Another brilliant idea to give another lease of life into your old baubles is to hang them from your light fittings as seen here. Attach them to some coloured thread, or even fishing wire to create a floating effect, and attach to your home lights. A clever and simple idea that adds a unique touch to your trimmings this year.


  • We think this is brilliant and adds something extra special to your gift wrap this Christmas. Your family and friends will really appreciate the extra thought and effort you put into making their gifts look exciting, and they will look super underneath the Christmas tree. If you have some tiny baubles all you have to do is attach to some thread, string or ribbon before tying over the top of the paper. You can even add an initial onto the bauble with a marker pen as seen here to add an even more personal touch.


  • Here is another idea which makes use of your leftover baubles. See if you have a glass cloche, or another other type of vase or glass container that might create the same effect. You could even add in some fairy lights, a battery powered string of lights may be best as you can hide the battery pack inside the cloche underneath the decorations. Simply fill with different sizes and colours of decorations and place in the perfect spot in your home. This may be a coffee table, dining table, shelf or window display. An easy way to create something different for your home this year.

This is a simple yet extremely effective decorative idea that looks very classy and stylish, perfect for adult dinner parties over the Christmas period. Found from Inspiring Home Style.com you can find use for bits of Christmas tree that may have fallen off, or you can take some cuttings from it. All you need to do is place some champagne flutes along your table with a drop of water in the bottom, then add your sprigs of Christmas tree to them. You could maybe weave some fairy lights in and out of the glasses to make the display look extra special even in the night time. 


Make use of your left over or random bits of tinsel and use them to create seasonal greeting messages. This idea will be equally as great for use at Christmas or at a New Year’s Eve Party, or even other occasions throughout the year. Found from Brit.co just simply cut out some letters from card to make a greeting of your choice, paint them if you wish to suit your own colour scheme then stick down as much or as little tinsel as you desire to create a jazzy and unique decoration for your home. 


Here is another great way to reuse your baubles, and you get to create a new stylish decoration in the process. Inspiration for this idea was found from Look What I Did.blogspot.co.uk and is very simple to recreate. Just take a lantern, whatever size, style and colour you have in the house is fine and then place baubles and fairy lights inside. It may take some time to arrange these so they look effective, making sure you can’t really see the fairy light bulbs and that they are just used to illuminate the lantern. In this image they have used white and gold baubles but feel free to change it around and use any coloured decorations and even different coloured lights. This would be the perfect addition to a table top display or a shelf or window decoration. 


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