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Beating The Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas is always an emotional hailstorm, for good or for bad.  When old family feuds get blown up year in year out and then resolved by extra helpings of turkey and gift giving, it’s enough to give even the steeliest of us a mental breakdown!  The parents of the nation deserve an extra pat on the back during Christmas, managing the logistics of catering for and entertaining for so many.  So when everything settles down and life begins to return to normal, it’s no wonder that a lot of us experience what has been called the post-Christmas or post-holiday blues.  So what can we do to avoid them, or beat them when they strike?

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Stay Busy

You might have been content with your routine of going to work and watching television before Christmas, but now you need to continue to keep your mind active.  Stay busy and make plans for upcoming dates, get excited about something or create something to look forward to.  You might want to try and arrange a big night out for old friends or maybe take up a new hobby to keep your brain occupied.

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You’re killing two birds with one stone here.  By getting yourself back to the gym or slipping your running shoes on again, you’re providing yourself with a hobby that can eat up an hour or two every day.  Whilst you’re giving yourself something to do, you’re also helping to banish all of those extra turkey sandwiches that seem to have collected on your stomach and sides!


A lot of cultures and nations have a tradition of performing a big “spring clean” when the New Year sets in.  No doubt all of us could do with a similar exercise, whether it’s simply to banish all of the mess that appeared during the family celebrations or to finally let go of all the clutter and awful gifts we got last year!  Consider the New Year as a chance to purge yourself of anything that takes up too much room in the home, it’s a very cleansing experience both aesthetically and psychologically.


No doubt as your belt got looser over the festive period, your purse strings got tighter.  December is a difficult month for most people, but January is the time to turn it all around.  Beginning a new year with grand plans, ambitions and budget spread sheets is a great way to look forward to the next twelve months.  If you were broke by the time New Year came around, the simple aim of having some money left over next time around is good enough to keep your hopes high.  Try budgeting for the upcoming few months and tracking your purchases, it will both keep your mind active and hopefully help you cut out on any unnecessary outgoings.  If you can manage to get yourself into this habit, you could soon find yourself able to buy bigger and better presents next December (and hopefully receive some too!)

With all that extra money you’ve got left over, make sure you pay a visit to the UK Christmas World shop and invest in some great quality decorations that will last you a lifetime.  In your effort to keep active, check back on our website often for the post-seasonal sales!

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