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Beating Those Post-Christmas Blues!

If you’re like us, Christmas time is your favourite time of year! We look forward to it all year round for it to whizz by in almost an instant throughout December! Sometimes we really do ‘wish it could be Christmas everyday’!
So, January is here once more, that sad time of year when all the fun festivities are over, the trimmings have come down, we’ve returned to work and school and we’re generally left feeling a bit down in the dumps!


But do not fear, in this blog we want to help you make the most of January and together we will beat those post-Christmas blues!


  • Make a Plan

Whether the event is large or small, having something to look forward to will start to diminish those January blues straight away. Depending on your lifestyle and budget this plan could be anything from a night out with friends, a weekend away or even a holiday. As long as there’s something on the horizon to look forward to, the fact we’re leaving Christmas far into the past will become less of an issue.


  • Laughter is the Best Medicine

For an instant mood booster, have a bit of a giggle! Whether on your own or surrounded by friends and family, why not watch a funny movie, read a book or even arrange to see a comedian. Laughter releases endorphins which will instantly raise your spirits, making January seem not so bad! So keep those spirits high and laugh your way through January!


  • Get Active

You’ll be killing two birds with one stone here! Most of us tend to be guilty of over indulging a little over the Christmas period, so finding a new form of exercise that you love or getting back into that class that you let slip on the run up to Christmas, will help you to lose those few pounds and help to boost your mood too! Getting out in the fresh air or getting back into the gym will be sure to put you in a better frame of mind.



  • Watch What You Eat

This one is probably easier said than done for most of us, and if you’re like us you still have leftover bits of festive goodies lying around the house, so right now might seem a tricky time to watch what you are eating. Lots of people tend to put themselves on a diet come new year so if this method is for you by all means go for it. The New Year is better time than any to make a fresh start creating healthier habits. But if strict dieting isn’t for you, sometimes just watching what you eat and being a little more active can make a huge difference and you will find it easier to maintain over time than a diet. Stock up on mood boosting foods such as those with lots of B vitamins (e.g. wholegrains and nuts) and those with Omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. oily fish and flaxseeds).



  • Cleaning

When the New Year arrives many of us take it upon ourselves to carry out a big clean. The decorations have come down which may have left behind glitter and dust, and this is a great time to get rid of any clutter left over from the previous year. Hopefully you’ll have received some lovely gifts over the festive period which will need new homes finding, so perhaps in the New Year you can have a little clear out of things already stored in your house. Some of it may just be ready for the rubbish, but if you have unwanted items that are in good condition, send them to charity. This has another benefit too as helping others, even a small act of kindness like this will help to boost your mood and feel better about yourself, as well as helping to de-clutter your home in 2018!



  • Ch-ch-changes

We all feel fed up at the thought of returning to work after the Christmas break, the fun is over and it’s back to reality. But if the thought of going back really makes you blue, maybe it’s time to think about changing your job, New Year new start and all that! A change in your life like this, whilst may be hard work to apply to start with, might be just what you need to make your 2018 much happier. Perhaps it’s another aspect of your lifestyle that’s getting you down, an unhealthy habit, a few extra pounds etc. that you can afford to ditch this New Year. Look at what needs to be changed than create your own action plan on how it can be resolved.

  • Shop for Christmas 2018!

If you just can’t bear the thought of leaving Christmas behind just yet, why not head over to our UK Christmas World website and check out our fantastic January SALE! We have amazing discounts on most of our items including trees, displays, decorations and more, the perfect reason to stock up for next Christmas, to replace or add to your festive collections. When you receive your new decorations and you manage to save a few pennies in the process, it will give you something to look forward to come next December!



We hope these blues-beating ideas will help to lift your spirits this January and will leave those post-Christmas blues far behind!

Do you have other ways that you fight off these feelings in January? Find us on Facebook and share your ideas, we’d love to share them!

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