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Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

When Christmas time comes around the never ending debate tends to be whether to go real or artificial when selecting your Christmas tree! Putting up the tree is a tradition we all look forward to year after year so we like to make sure we’re making the best choice.

There are many pros and cons to each kind of tree, so it very much comes down to personal choice.

There are lots of types of artificial trees on the market these days, and here at UK Christmas World we are proud to offer customers a great range of sizes, styles and colours to suit all needs!

In this blog we’d like to share with you the many benefits of choosing an artificial Christmas tree this year, as well as showcasing a handful of our wonderful products that are available to purchase all year round on our UK Christmas World website.

Artificial trees are more cost effective than real trees. They tend to be cheaper to buy in the first place, which is money saved to spend on gifts, food and other festive essentials. They will last much longer than their real life alternative therefore saving you money in the years to come!


Artificial trees can give you that peace of mind as they are much safer to have around the home as opposed to the real version as they are flame retardant. Many of us have festive candles displayed in the home as well as lights and other potential hazards, which will be much safer with an artificial tree nearby.


Artificial trees require zero maintenance. When you buy and display a real tree you then need to keep remembering to water it to keep it looking healthy throughout the season. With an artificial alternative there’s no need to panic about this! Better for us with busy and hectic lifestyles.  


Another important benefit to using an artificial Christmas tree is that they last as long as you like. At the end of the festive season a real tree will need disposing of, for you to start the whole process again the year after, but with artificial trees you can just box it away and it will be ready to go year after year. One less thing to worry about as the Christmas period approaches!


Artificial trees also produce virtually no mess compared to their real life versions. Anyone who has had a real tree in the past will know they drop needles like nobody’s business meaning a constant clear up mission is in place over the festive season to keep your display looking tidy! It’s therefore a relief knowing that you don’t need to be hassled with this with an artificial tree, and you can enjoy a gorgeous display with no mess!


The market for artificial trees is incredibly large these days as artificial trees grow in popularity with Christmas lovers. There is a wide selection of styles, sizes and colours available, from traditional green to snow flocked, and from black needles to pre-lit! We’re proud to stock many of these on our fantastic UK Christmas World website!


There’s no need to worry about transporting and disposing of an artificial tree at the end of the season, causing much less stress in New Year when the sad time comes for you come to box everything away! Simply use a storage bag or the box the tree came in to keep it safe and clean for next time!


Check out these great products available now on our UK Christmas World website, why not get organised for the festive season early this year…

The Slim Green Colorado is a very popular choice and can give you that traditional feel to go with your favourite baubles, lights and décor. This tree has a nice tall height of 7ft with 763 tips giving a lovely, full look. You are also able to bend the branches to create the look you desire.

For a lovely snowy effect why not go for our Frosted Glacier Artificial Tree which stands at 5ft tall. Simply add your own lights and decorations of any colour, this tree is perfect to match any colour scheme. It is also supplied with a sturdy metal stand which easy folds away at the end of the season.

For something a little bit different this year, why not try our Black Spruce Christmas Tree? This tree has hinged branches for easy assembly and has 1362 tips so again creates a gorgeous, full look in the home. Cover with your favourite decorations for an eye-catching display perfect for modern homes!



A little stuck for space this Christmas? We think this is a fantastic idea for those who have a smaller room, the Corner & Half Wall Christmas Tree is a great way to save space this Christmas, while still enjoying your favourite traditional decorations. Again, just fill with your favourite trimmings for your perfect festive display! Ideal for against a wall or in a corner!

We also have a lovely range of table top Christmas trees such as our 60cm Tree with Berries, Pine Cones and Burlap Base. This tree comes ready decorated, simply place and enjoy! Trees like this are perfect for smaller spaces, offices and window sills, you could even add lights for an even more attractive display.


Head over to our website today to browse our entire range of Artificial Christmas Trees, which include the items above and many more! Our ranges also include Pre-Lit Trees, Pop Up Trees, Fibre Optic Trees as well as Tree Toppers and Accessories.


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