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Buying an Artificial Christmas Tree

In most homes, putting up the Christmas tree is an important tradition that families enjoy each festive season. Every year we look forward to gathering up the family and happily decorating our trees in our favourite colours, with Christmas music playing in the background, and maybe a festive snack or drink to help us through the work!
Some people love the traditional atmosphere that a real Christmas tree can bring to the home, but there are tonnes of families that prefer to keep things simple and go with an artificial tree. Buying an artificial Christmas tree isn't always an easy task, but we hope this blog might give you lots of important advice and make your tree choosing job a little easier this Christmas!

Artificial Christmas Tree

Here at UK Christmas World we have a fantastic range of Artificial Christmas Trees that really has something for everyone! With a range of colours and sizes we can cater to all tastes, and we will give you a peek of what’s available this year in this blog!

How much are artificial Christmas trees?

Depending on what size and style of tree you like, you can almost spend whatever you like on a Christmas tree! Prices start as little as £5 for our 45cm Tabletop Christmas Tree or can go up to £375+ for items like our 8ft Snowy Norway Spruce.

We would always recommend spending as much as your budget allows on a Christmas tree, this will help to achieve the best possible quality that you can enjoy year after year. Remember you get what you pay for. At first glance, it might look like an artificial tree will set you back way more than a real one. However, assuming that your artificial Christmas tree lasts you at least 5+ years, over the course of this time, you'll be spending a fraction of the amount on Christmas trees. We think it’s better to spend a one-time amount that’s a little bit pricier than spend smaller amounts over and over again.


When can I buy an artificial Christmas tree?

Unlike their real counterparts, Artificial Christmas Trees can be purchased all year round and are available to purchase from our UK Christmas World website any time of year! Why not take a look at our selection now and get yourself organised and prepared well in advance for the festive season this year?


Are artificial Christmas trees safe?

Compared to the real versions, artificial Christmas trees are a great deal more flame resistant and won’t bother people who have allergies to the real trees.


Artificial Tree Decorating Ideas

Wondering how to decorate you artificial Christmas tree? You're in luck! Our well stocked UK Christmas World website has a vast range of tree decorations. We have baubles, tinsel, lights and more for all tastes and colour schemes, and again are available all year round meaning you can get prepared whenever you like throughout the year, you don’t have to wait until the winter festive rush starts!

How do I Look after My Christmas Tree?

One aspect of having real Christmas tree in the home that even die-hard Christmas fans have to admit they dislike, is the tiresome, endless task clearing up the dropped needles! It seems to be a never ending job of vacuuming throughout the festive season as the tree succumbs to central heating. Real trees also need to stand in water throughout Christmas to make sure they don’t wilt or go brown before Christmas is finished, this can be a nuisance for those with pets or small children who could knock the pot if they get too close.

Luckily enough with Artificial trees, you won’t need to worry about any of these issues! They are super easy to store and set up, normally arriving in two or three parts with numbered or colour coded branches to attach, making both the set up and removal of your festive decorations as simple as possible. There’s no need to worry about needle dropping or water, as your artificial tree will stand proud in your home year after year, making them the most low maintenance option!
We also stock lots of great storage option for your Christmas tree and decorations, so when the festive season is over you can keep them neat and tidy and safe from dust and dirt, extending the life of y our tree even more. Check out our Christmas Tree Storage Bag, a strong zip up storage solution that fits most trees!

What about the lovely ‘Christmas tree smell’?

One thing we do love about real Christmas trees, is the scent they fill our homes with. But don’t worry! Even if you select an artificial version, thee scents can be recreated. Here at UK Christmas World we have a great range of scented items that can be placed around the home or on your tree, filling your home with wonderful seasonal smells. How about our range of ‘Scenticles’, available in a range of scents such as Snow Berry, Fir and Cinnamon.

Head over to our UK Christmas World website to check out our fantastic range of Artificial Christmas Trees. No matter what style you prefer, we’re sure there’s something you will love. With sizes ranging from table top to 8ft, there are many stunning models to choose from.

For an elegant and traditional vibe why not choose something like our 2.1m Norway Spruce Pre-lit Tree. The gorgeous warm white lights add to the display and save you the tricky job of getting all your lights dispersed evenly! Just add your decorations and you have a gorgeous Christmas tree to enjoy!


For something a little bit different, that will look great in a modern home, why not try our 7ft Black Spruce Tree. This would look great with silver decorations and ice white LED lights, creating a more contemporary style of tree!

If you live in a small home or flat, or just generally struggle for space for your Christmas tree, why not try our 7.2ft Corner and Half Wall Tree. Ideal for homes with limited space, this is such a great idea! Our half tree means you can enjoy all the benefits of having a tree in the home just on a smaller scale!


Another tree ideal for smaller spaces is our 3ft Potted Everlands Tree. A beautiful, realistic, potted tree that’s great for table tops and window displays. Simply add your favourite decorations and enjoy!


We hope this blog willive you some helpful information when it comes to selecting which kind of tree you’d like this year, and will have hopefully inspired you to choose an Artificial Tree this Christmas!

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