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Choosing a Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is an essential decoration for the holiday season. These monolithic and visually pleasing decorative elements of nature are found in homes across the western world in the time of festivities, but choosing the right type and deciding whether to get a synthetic or natural tree is often a tough decision for families, in this article I will attempt to explore and explain your choices.

The first option is of course the classic natural Christmas tree, usually taken from western European countries. The entirety of available natural Christmas trees takes advantage of the evergreen spruce genus. Despite these trees’ natural beauty, there are a plethora of associated risks with taking these into your home. Evergreens are notoriously flammable, especially their needled branches, which burn at a higher temperature than the actual wood of the tree, this can obviously be a dangerous risk in the home when you are keeping your decorative tree close to heated electrical devices. There have been a plethora of home fires in relation to evergreen Christmas trees, and when bringing one into the home, can be a beautiful addition to your home decorations if handled in a responsible manner. I advise that you stick to only using non-electrical decorations on the tree such as tinsel or baubles. Traditional style Christmas lighting has been subject to a lot of bad press in regards to house fires; it is far more advisable to invest in a set of LED lights which are considerably safer and modernised.

For those that don’t want to have a high maintenance Christmas tree, synthetic trees like a LED christmas tree can be a great option, providing all of the advantageous factors of a natural tree with very little downfalls. These trees can be chosen to the exact specifications of size required for your room without having to worry about shearing and potential growth of the tree. Also synthetic trees have minimal shedding in regards to the objects that are hung on the branches, in comparison to a normal evergreen which can sometimes cause problems for people with allergies. Probably the biggest advantage of having a synthetic tree is that they are relatively cheap in comparison to natural Christmas trees, and don’t require a reoccurring investment. They can be stored in your loft and bought out each year with minimal signs of weathering. Also these trees are a lot less flammable so you can decorate with LED lights and candles responsibly with little worry about potential overheating.

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