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Christmas Furnishings - Making the Most of LED Fairy Lights

The majority of households throughout the UK and beyond will begin to look for their fairy lights as December draws near; but why should you reserve your fairy lights for Christmas? Fairy lights are incredibly useful and can be used in a variety of different ways – LED fairy lights also use less electricity than traditional and contemporary types of lighting. Here are some simple tips and tricks on how to make the most of your fairy lights and why exactly you should do so.

hands holding warm white fairy lights

Why Should you Choose to Use LED Fairy Lights?

Unlike the average contemporary bulb an LED bulb has an efficiency of approximately 90% - this means that 90% of the electricity that it is supplied with is used to create light energy; only 10% is converted into other forms of energy such as thermal and sound.

Due to the efficiency of the LED bulb fairy lights are also much safer than the average bulb as they produce less infrared energy and therefore do not heat their surroundings quickly. Led bulbs are also much brighter due to their efficiency and are hardier, so they will endure continuous use.


Where Can LED Lights be Used?

Fairy lights can be used for a wide range of purposes; where and how they are used often depends on the age of the individual in question.

For younger children and teenagers fairy lights can be attached to the bedroom ceiling using tape or ‘blu tack’ and arranged in the style of constellations; once the main lights are turned out and the fairy lights are activated it will look like they are gazing at the stars just before they go to sleep.

The fairy lights can also be trailed across the top of the bed or doorframe to create a tranquil comforting atmosphere within your child’s bedroom – using the fairy lights in this way means that they can be left on all night to comfort your child and the efficiency of the LED lights means that your bills will still be significantly less than if you left a traditional bulb lit all night.

child sat reading in bed with fairy lights beside her

Drawing attention to certain aspects of your home has also never been easier than when utilising fairy lights. A large photo frame or a number of small photo frames can be highlighted if they are surrounded by small fairy lights – however this will not work if the lights are too bright or are too eccentric or complicated, as this will draw attention away from the photos and towards the lights instead.


Verandas, balconies and outdoor seating areas are also perfect for the use of fairy lights – the amount of light that LED fairy lights produce and their hardiness make them ideal for outdoor use. The only issue with using fairy lights outdoors is that the wires may not be waterproof; so before utilising your lights outdoors it’s recommended that you ensure that they can be used safely in damp conditions.


There are many other reasons as to why you should consider the use of LED lights and fairy lights throughout the year and there are many ways in which these LED lights can be useful; for more information on Christmas lights, decorations and other seasonal wares get in touch with us here at UK Christmas World.

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