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Christmas Spirit for Every Room of the House!

We go up into the loft and we get out the Christmas decorations every year, and tend to go crazy with trimming up the living room, and maybe some for the hallway or dining room too. But are you guilty of missing out some of the other main rooms in your home, that are just as deserving of getting involved in the festive spirit as the others?

Here at UK Christmas World we have some great products available all year round that would be perfect for decorating all areas of the house.

In this blog we’re hoping to give you some inspiration that may convince you to get decorating in ALL rooms, keeping that cosy Christmassy feeling in every room you walk into!


This may be one of the rooms you spend more time in around Christmas, than perhaps the rest of the year – the kitchen! Cooking up your Christmas dinner or perhaps hosting a festive party, you, family and friends are surely to be in and out of this room a lot. It would be a shame for those Christmas decorations suddenly died off every time you stepped inside!

Why not include something like this in your kitchen. Make sure the trimmings you pick match your colour scheme present, like in this picture below. We love the nice use of the wreath and baubles above the cooker, they’re just a subtle hint of Christmas and keep the decorations stylish whilst having a traditional as well.

Here at UK Christmas World we have a great range of Wreaths and Garlands in a range of styles, colours and sizes that would be perfect for this.
Our Gold Glittered Wooden Table Ornaments would also be perfect for displays in rooms such as the kitchen, but are versatile for use elsewhere!


Everyone usually has some random baubles left over, or some that just strangely turn up when you get the decorations out. Don’t throw these away! If you can gather together enough that match, why not use them in the decorations for the kitchen, they can be placed around a cake stand, fruit bowl or something similar. Just like the image below, simple yet effective!


Why not take advantage of some of our cute novelty items that would be great for the kitchen, just like our Mince Pies for Santa Plate and Mug Set. As long as it remains in the colour scheme, it will be a simple decoration choice and traditional too! We love this choice in the image here, kids will love it…

The use of wreaths has popped up again here, but we love them! The colour scheme also works really well in this style of kitchen. Add in mini Christmas trees like they have done in the window here, for a nice touch of nature in the room!

We have some lovely mini trees available such as our 60cm Table Top Christmas Tree with Burlap Base that would look ideal for this use.


Here’s one more little idea for the kitchen that we really like! They have added lots of little Christmas themed decorations into a vintage set of weighing scales for a really nice traditional look. This can be easily replicated at home, so why not give it a try yourself?

Another room of the house that rarely gets decorated is the bathroom! We have found lots of great ways that you can include decorations in here and keep the Christmas spirit going!

One really simple way to add a festive feeling that would be perfect for the bathroom, is the use of scented or DIY Christmas themed candles. We love the example of this here, very simply put together, but we’re sure it does the job of helping you to feel festive very well!

But if you’re looking for an instant festive addition to this room, we have Red Apple & Cinnamon Scented Candles available now from our online shop. These can be dotted around any part of the home and immediately puts you in the Christmas mood with the traditional aromas!


How about this idea? Turn your boring bathroom mirror into a wonderful festive display. Drape a garland over the top of the mirror and then go crazy adding any other decorations you please, baubles, tinsel, ribbon, flowers, bows and more!

Here at UK Christmas World we have a range of fantastic garlands that would be suitable for this kind of decoration such as our 90cm Frosted Glacier Swag, which comes complete with pine cones and a snowy dusting.

The Christmas wreath is back! Another wonderful use here for the very versatile type of decoration. Again in this example the red and white colour scheme works really well in this room. Check out our range of Wreaths available now on our website.


Or how about adding a decoration like the plaque with the festive greeting above the toilet. We have some wonderful greetings signs that would be suitable for recreating this décor idea, or for use in any room in the house! Our ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ Wooden Sign would be a fabulous addition to any home this Christmas, and for just £12.99 it’s a bargain!


We think more people should decorate their bedrooms at Christmas! There’s nothing more festive looking than a cosy bedroom with glowing lights, decorations and maybe a little Christmas tree. Perfect for snuggling up on a chilly winter evening!

Why not add a tree into your bedroom, they’re not just for the living room! Whether you’re looking for a small tree or a larger option we stock a vast range of Artificial Trees, on our online shop. We also have Pre-lit Trees which can be a handy option when it comes to decorating. We definitely think adding lights to the tree in your bedroom is a good idea as it will add that soft, cosy glow when the sun goes down!


As well as a Christmas tree why not add strings of fairy lights to your bedroom. We love this idea of hanging some string lights behind the headboard of the bed.


Our 112 Warm White Multi Action Battery Powered LED Curtain Light would be perfect for this idea! The come in a range of colours so you can choose whatever suits your own colour scheme! And again when the sun goes down and the big lights go off these will add such a warm, cosy atmosphere in this room!

Lots of people do add decorations to their gardens and porch areas, but we thought we’d share a couple ideas to add something a little different.

We tend to have lots of artificial Christmas decorations so this year why not add a touch of nature to your trimmings. Get hold of some traditional festive foliage which then can be displayed either inside or outdoors here. We think they’ll make a refreshing change.

Hanging baskets flourish in the spring and summer time, but then we tend to put them away during the winter months. Why not keep them on display and make them more into a festive decorative piece. By adding festive flowers and foliage, baubles and lights you can transform your old summer plant into a Christmas masterpiece!


We hope these ideas will have inspired you to treat all the rooms in your house to some festive glamour this Christmas! Our well-stocked online Christmas Shop will have all you need to recreate any of these ideas and more! We’d love to see your outcomes, feel free to share with us and they might even get a share on our Facebook page!

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