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Connectable LED Christmas Lights - Top Of The Christmas Decorations List Again Last Year

Connectable Christmas Lights remain popular in the UK allowing you to connect up to 6,000 LED's from just the one plug (the end to tangled wires and endless four way adapters). These LED lights are also of commercial quality enabling them to be used in larger scale light displays including town centre light shows, hotels and of course to dress large Christmas Trees

multi coloured fairy lights on a navy blue background

Connectable LED lights come in a choice of colours, white, warm white, blue and multi coloured.

2400 Multi Coloured Mains Powered Connectable LED Lights

One of the most popular lights last Christmas seemed to be the Battery Powered LED lights. The technology here really has come on leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when battery powered lights would last just a few hours, the new style LED lights using quality batteries can give up to 30 days of light, proving an Eco friendly choice for many households who want to avoid running power into the garden. LED battery powered lights can also be enjoyed in areas of he garden where power cannot be reached. (This could be garden bushes, a fence or around pergolas).

Most of our battery powered lights come with a multi function controller enabling the patterns to be changed with the touch of a button to suit your occasion or even mood. 

With most battery powered lights a timer can be set, this turns the lights on for 6 hours and off for 18. The lights jut need setting the once, the built in memory will then automatically turn on at the same time  each day and then off 18 hours later, it could not be any easier.

UK Christmas World has a range of battery powered lights with prices starting from just £9.99!

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