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Crazy Halloween Displays!

Here at UK Christmas World we love all things to do with decorations, particularly around Christmas time! But Halloween is getting closer, and we love these celebrations just as much! We have found these brilliant home displays from around the world, some of them really made us laugh! Found from buzzfeed.com people have really gone to town to create these crazy Halloween displays for their homes! We hope that you love these as much as we do!


Look at this giant Scarecrow! We believe this display is to mimic the Batman villain, they’re certainly big fans! This must have taken a huge amount of time to build this massive sculpture. We love the dedication to Halloween!

This display features all things 80’s, mainly around Ghostbusters! Stay Puft Marshmallow man and Slimer take the spotlights of this display, the owners must really love the film! This one will be especially good fun for the grownups of the neighbourhood.

This front yard display is great! We love the effort the owners have put in to create this alien spaceship crash in their garden, complete with ‘do not cross’ tape. If this has lights this will look extra spooky at night!

This Transformers display is fantastic! Perhaps not the scariest of Halloween displays but it must have taken a long time and lots of work to put together, and fans of the franchise will think it’s amazing! Notice though there are still some pumpkins thrown in there, so it still carries a small part of tradition!

‘Pop is dead’ is the name of this display and is actually pretty funny! Passers-by of this display will get a good giggle from reading all the tombstones of recent pop artists such as Rhianna, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. Not the scariest of displays but 10/10 for originality!


This is brilliant! It must have taken hours and hours to complete this Halloween display on a massive scale! Working to a combined theme of both King Kong and Jurassic Park, this will certainly be a scare for the neighbours!


If you hate spiders look away now! This display scaling the whole front of the house looks great and actually quite realistic, truly something from a horror movie! The front of the house is covered in thick cobwebs and invaded by huge spiders! Bet they won’t be getting any visitors this Halloween, Creepy!


This display is labelled ‘not safe for children house’, and it certainly seems like that! This one may be a bit spooky for young kids, particularly in the dark. The yard of this house has been taken over by various zombies, body parts, fake blood and dismembered bodies! A pretty gory display but perfect for Halloween!


Here is another display not really suitable for children. Labelled ‘slightly too realistic horror’ we think that is definitely true! Featuring a bodies that seems to have been run over, perhaps missing their head (gross we know!) and there is fake blood spread everywhere. Great for Halloween but you may get a couple of suspicious and worried neighbours!


Ok so this one is a bit more family friendly! These Simpsons enthusiast have really gone to town turning their home into a giant display devoted to the cartoon series’. They seem like cardboard cut outs placed all over the building, the characters all wearing different Halloween costumes in each.


Labelled as ‘use every horror motif ever’, this one may be a little busy! Featuring the majority of all famous horror films and characters, there’s definitely lots to see on this display! It will certainly look effective during the night time, visitors may be wary of getting close the house!


The house of the pumpkin king! This display is pumpkins galore, and looks really great. Someone has been really busy carving all of these pumpkins and filling with lights, but we think it certainly paid off! These decorations create a traditional and spooky pathway up to the house that people of all ages will love, it is child friendly too!


This house have gone crazy with Halloween inflatables! Think how much time it would have taken to blow up all of these! We applaud them for their dedication though, kids will especially love these decorations, and there is so much for visitors to see, a real Halloween wonderland.


This is quite possibly one of the best out there! We can’t even contemplate how much planning and preparing this light display must have taken. It has taken the internet by storm so it may be a video you are familiar with already. We think it is fantastic, a light display set to music, the neighbours perhaps not as big fans. This turned out to be a big hit back in 2011, and it seems they have gone back each year to create something amazing! Over the last few years new light shows set to music include songs such as Monster Mash, Ghostbusters theme and Jump Around.

Here is a link to the ‘Party Rock’ light show, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfcNoMnKjrY

Here are a couple more extreme displays, this time from builddirect.com. Firstly this ‘House of the Living Dead’ which would be a fantastic sight by night particularly we think. The owners have covered their whole garden with zombies, tombstones and skeletons, not to mention the giant tarantula on the roof!


And finally the ‘hungry house’! This one certainly shows that less sometimes is more. This will look fantastic at night and will create a spooky sight as night falls, perfect for Halloween evening. Trick or treaters and other visitors will love this!


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