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Creative Ideas for Christmas Tree Toppers

Probably one of the most traditional Christmas decorations in homes around the world is the Christmas tree. We all love dressing our trees, getting the family together to scatter the lights, tinsel, baubles and decorations around it, and then placing on the all important tree topper. Typical toppers include stars, angels or other festive figures, but do you fancy something a little different on the top of your tree this year?
We have scoured the web to find some of the best, most creative ideas for you to try at home this year.

How about something like the handmade bow, found from Better Homes and Gardens.com. This can be easily replicated in your home, from your favourite ribbon or other material, and create it to match your own personal style and colour scheme. Simply fasten the bows together, and either tie straight onto the tree, or an easier option may be to create a loop from string or even elastic at the back if the bow and then simple hang from the tree as you would a bauble. 


You could maybe try something like this homemade snowflake found from the same site as above. This is a nice idea to get the children involved with too. Take some time to design your snowflake – so you are not making it up as you go along! Then take some lollipop sticks or other small types of sticks, you could paint them white if you wish, or perhaps another colour that may suit your deco. You can then simply stick the cuttings together to create your very own tree topper that the whole family can be proud of!


Here is a lovely idea if you’re feeling particularly crafty! This tree topper was found from Pretty Handy Girl.com and is made from a birdhouse! If you’re are wanting to go all out and spend a little more time on your homemade tree topper than this is a perfect idea. Find a tree house like the one pictured below that is a suitable size for your tree. Paint it the colours you feel best for your style, then sketch out in pencil a nice festive design, which you can then go over in a different coloured paint. Make sure you create a hole through the bottom of the birdhouse, so you can place it on the top branch of your tree. You can also place a small light on the inside of the birdhouse, or if you are using fairy lights on your tree you could always feed one or two bulbs up through the bottom of the birdhouse. This decoration is a great idea and is an effective and unique way to top your tree!

Here is an idea that is one of the easiest and hassle free ways to top your tree, but actually looks very effective! Make sure your other decorations match the red and white theme. You could incorporate sweets such as candy canes pictured here, from a tree found on Best Interior Designs.co.uk. Then to top off your tree simply place a Santa hat on the top branch, sit back and enjoy! You could always try and find a different coloured Santa hat and then incorporate other coloured baubles, tinsel, lights etc. to suit your individual style. Easy peasy!


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