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Creative Ideas for Your Christmas Dining Table

Everyone always remembers when decorating their home to trim the Christmas tree, mantle place and outdoors, but keep the Christmas magic going by adding a little sparkle to your dining room table too! Here are a few creative ideas for you to try at home this year that are very simple to do, and can be adapted to work with any colour scheme.


Baubles and fairy lights are great and versatile accessories that can be used to add something a little special to your dining table. Here is an idea from freshome.com that would be simple to do. Place your favourite lights and baubles or other Christmas decorations into a tall wine glass or other glass vase to create a simple yet effective display. Here is everything you will need to create this look at home…


Check out our range of battery powered fairy lights such as these 20 Battery Powered Warm White LED Christmas Lights. They have a static or flashing option so you can choose the effect you wish to create, also as they are LED they do not get warm so need to worry about them being close to other decorations. They are perfect to place in your wine glass or vase a placed on the table.

 The variety of gold baubles here are a perfect accompaniment to the fairy lights in the vase and creates a classic Christmas colour scheme. This Set of 25 Shatterproof Tree Baubles can be used for both table top decorations and regular tree accessories and features a variety of designs for you to create whichever look you desire.

Another great idea here are these Copper Wire Battery Timer Lights (which are available in a variety of colours) that can be used to mimic the décor scheme above by wrapping the lights around the base of the glass or vase and then fed into the top and arranged inside along with baubles etc.

Here are some other ideas for Christmas table top decorations. Why not make use of kitchen and dining equipment you may already have, or that are very easy to get hold of such as these two ideas from stylemotivation.com. 


Above they have used a serving plate with a glass dome and a cake stand, and placed Christmas decorations such as baubles, Christmassy foliage and ribbons on them to make the right look and décor for their own home. These ideas can be replicated easily at home and are a unique way to add something special to your Christmas table.

Here is another decoration idea from stylemotivation.com that looks stylish and modern if you are looking for something a bit more contemporary this year, whilst still including traditional Christmas themes. 

Here they have set up a lovely table top decoration based in a long wooden display box or planter that may be found in a hardware store or if you are handy with a hammer and nails you might want to turn this into a little DIY project! It would then be ideal for use throughout the rest of the year as a decoration in the home.

Once you have your wooden crate all ready to go, fill it with your favourite Christmas decorations, again to suit your own preference to colour schemes.

Use inspiration from the above image and include candles in this table top display. Here at UK Christmas World we have a great variety of candles in a range of styles and sizes. A perfect choice would be the Medium Flicker Flame Candle, which would look great both in the daytime, and through the evening when the LED light can be lit to give a warm glowing effect of a real candle. Again this is a decoration that would be great for use all year round, not just over the festive period. Fill up the rest of your box with your choice of traditional Christmas foliage – leaves, berries and flowers to create the cosy festive feeling that everyone loves.

Here is a fantastic idea from homedesignlover.com for a really up-to-date and stylish take on Christmassy table top decorations. Scatter a variety of candles, baubles, and Christmas berries between the glasses and place mats on the table in whichever colour scheme you prefer. Simple yet effective!

One final idea that would be great for families too can be seen here from italymagazine.com. A red tablecloth is the ideal canvas to set up your festive table top, and the little gift boxes can be filled with a treat for after your Christmas Dinner, which children will love opening too! Other traditional festive decorations can also be scattered around the table such as pine cones and berries or perhaps you can find some Christmassy confetti or sprinkle snow on the table. If you’re eating your meal in the evening, candles may be a nice idea to add that warm glow at the centre of your table as its starts to get dark.

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