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Curious Christmas Traditions from Around the World

When Christmas is mentioned, what do you think of?

Do you think of giving gifts, eating turkey and lighting the Christmas pudding? These are what you would call traditions; but what of all of the other traditions that are celebrated during Christmas around the world? For those of you that are interested in expanding your knowledge of Christmas and the many ways in which it is celebrated here are some of the most curious Christmas traditions from around the globe.

Globe Christmas bauble and tinsel


In a number of Scandinavian countries they do not worship Santa, St Nicholas or even Jesus – around the 13th of December every year the families will begin to worship St. Lucia or St. Lucy. It’s tradition for the eldest female child in each family to become St. Lucy at the beginning of the Christmas season. The eldest daughter is then supposed to wake each member of the household whilst wearing a pure white gown and red sash; during this day the family will call her Lussi or Lussibruden (Lucy bride). Once Lussi has woken each member of the house they will eat breakfast in a room that has been lit with candles.



In Norway, the home of the Yule log, they believed that the sun was a great ball of fire that would roll towards and away from the earth each year. The ancient Norse would burn large logs to encourage the sun to continue burning; this tradition began to influence the foods and cakes that they ate as the shape of the foods began to change.

christmas chocolate yule log cake


The burning of a log is not a tradition that solely belongs to Norway; in France the farmers would take a log and burn part of it to ensure good luck for their next harvest. Of course burning this log would also keep them warm during the harsh winter evenings.


The majority of the Christmas traditions within Canada are very similar to the traditions that are celebrated within the United States. However, if you travel to the far northern edge of the country you will find that the Eskimos celebrate Christmas in their own way; the Eskimos take part in a festival called Sinck Tuck and they will throw parties that involve a lot of dancing and the exchange of gifts and food.


In Russia the majority of people will not celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December unless they are Catholic; the rest of the people that celebrate Christmas will celebrate it on the 7th of January. Some people will fast on the eve of Christmas until the first star appears in the sky whilst others will celebrate by eating a bowl of porridge made from wheat or rice filled with honey, poppy seeds, dried fruits, nuts and even fruit jellies.


There are many other traditions that are celebrated across the globe; for more information on Christmas traditions, decorations or accessories near you get in touch with us at UK Christmas World. We’d be happy to help.

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