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Dispose Of Your Batteries Safely This Christmas

It’s normally battery mayhem over the Christmas period, whether you’re using them in your lights, decorations, appliances, kids’ toys or gadget gifts, we go through a tonne!

As we’re using lots of batteries that means there’s an equal amount to throw away. Make sure you dispose of your unwanted batteries safely this Christmas. In this blog we want to share with you some tips and helpful information to enable you to throw away your used batteries in the best and safest way possible!

All batteries are classed as hazardous waste and recycling them is always the best option. Ordinary household batteries contain some hazardous chemicals so should not be thrown away in the general rubbish. Rechargeable batteries contain dangerous metals so again should not be thrown into normal rubbish bins.

Ideally all these kinds of batteries will need to be returned to the manufacturer or recycled elsewhere. It would be worth a quick search on your local council’s website or a phone call to see if they offer a special recycling service or collection. Some garages may offer this kind of service too.

If you are still unsure on how you can dispose of your batteries, you could always contact the manufacturer for some advice on this matter – it’s always better to be safe than sorry!


When looking at the actual manufacture of normal household batteries, they take a lot more energy to make, so where possible it is always to use rechargeable batteries that connect to the mains which will last much longer.
Rechargeable batteries are the most environmentally friendly option as they will last several hundred charging cycles and would hopefully last years, meaning less waste is produced and more money saved!

For a really simple way to find where you can drop off your used batteries, why not visit this really helpful website? Battery Back have a great section of their website where you can enter your postcode and find the nearest drop off point to take your batteries. There’s bound to be one local to you, take them there and they’re all done and dusted! 

If you’re wanting to stock up on batteries for the Christmas period, our UK Christmas World website have packs of batteries at low prices that are perfect for household uses over Christmas!

Our batteries are available in AA 8 Packs, AAA 4 Packs, D Cell 2 Packs, LR41 Button Cell Battery 3 Packs and L736 Button Cell 12 Packs.


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