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DIY Use LED Christmas Lights In Your Pumpkins

Here at UKCW we’re getting ready for Halloween this weekend. Many of you will be starting to buy your pumpkins in, and like us, you may have carved them already!

But we have been thinking, there must be an easier, safer way to light up your spooky pumpkin.

And here it is! Pumpkins with fairy lights, rather than tea lights or candles. As this is something we specialise in, we found this idea a perfect use of our products!


As Halloween season creeps in closer you may want to find a safer way to enjoy your carved pumpkins. Using candles inside your pumpkin can become a fire hazard, if left unattended they may end up igniting curtains, furniture or other household objects, might be knocked over by pets or small children, not to mention if kids are unaware and stand too close, they may also cause their costumes to go up in flames! Not the Halloween that you would ever wish for.

Here at UKCW we carved our very own pumpkin, to test out our fairy lights inside, here’s how to make your very own fairy light pumpkin that looks great and is much safer…

What you will need:

Sharp knife for carving
Set/s of fairy lights
Bowl (to scoop the pumpkin insides into)
Cocktail sticks/toothpicks optional

1. Draw a circle with your pen around the top of the pumpkin, where you want to remove the ‘lid’. Make sure children are under supervision for any parts where a knife is being used, better still do it for them! Also keep the ‘lid’ if you like as you could use it again later.


2. Scoop out all the inside of the pumpkin into your bowl, removing all the seeds and flesh



When you are finished, it will look something like this… 

3. With your pen draw a face on the front of your pumpkin, any design you wish, let your imagination run wild!

4. Using a knife again cut out all the features of the face, make sure again this is done as safely as possible.


5. Select your favourite set of fairy lights, any colour, size and design you wish. We chose a set of both warm white and red 35 Battery Powered LED Fairy Lights mixed together to use in our pumpkin and are available for just £3.99 each from our website.

6. When your lights are placed how you wish, use your ‘lid’ to fill the hole. This step is optional. If the lid is too small for the hole you may want to use cocktail sticks or something similar to secure it in place.

7. Wait for the night time to come and enjoy! Your new, improved Halloween pumpkin can be placed for all to see and is safe yet looks just as effective!

We managed to do all of this with no waste! With all of the pumpkin that we scraped out, a member of the office staff made pumpkin cakes with! A delicious way to recycle!



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