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Family Christmas Traditions

Over Christmas time we all have our favourite things that we like to do with our loved ones, whether that’s at home or out and about.
Christmas is a time where quality moments should be shared with our family and friends, life can sometimes get in the way with work and school etc, so it is nice when the festive period comes around, to slow things down and cherish quality family moments together.

In this blog we wanted to share some of the most common traditions that families have and maybe some you haven’t thought of before. Are there any here that sound familiar to yourself, or maybe some you might try yourself this year? It is always important to make time for our family and friends, so here are some great ways that you can do just that.

Decorating the tree

Before you even start to reach for the baubles and tinsel, one of the nicest Christmas traditions is to actually go and choose your very own tree. This is a lovely way to get the family together and to help get in the festive mood. Once you have come to a decision and it is stood in your home, pick out your favourite tree decorations and get to work. Why not play some Christmas songs, or treat yourselves to festive snacks and drinks while you work! Decorating the Christmas tree is a wonderful way to get everyone, young and old, feeling festive! 
If you fancy an artificial tree we have a fantastic range of trees on our UK Christmas World website.


Gingerbread House

A great way to get the kids involved in a Christmassy activity is to build and/or decorate a gingerbread house. If you have the time it would be nice to bake the house from scratch, but if you’re a bit pushed for time you can easily buy a pre-baked house that you just simply need to put together and decorate. Why not see if you have family members, nieces, nephews or friends that the children want to invite round, so they can share the festive experience together. This one may get messy, but it will be worth it!

Advent Calendars

As the countdown to Christmas begins in December, excitement will definitely be in the air, for the young and old! Advent calendars are a brilliant way to count down the days until Santa arrives and are a special part of the anticipation. There are the obvious choices of shop bought calendars already filled with your child’s favourite chocolate, or why not do something a little different and purchase your very own advent calendar. These usually come complete with little drawers or doors where you can place your family’s favourite sweet treat, or why not be a little bit creative and instead of sweets include notes of paper with fun family activities or puzzles that you can do together.

Here at UK Christmas World we have a great range of advent calendars that you can use at home this year, such as this Lit White Wooden Advent Calendar available for £29.99.


Christmas Light Displays

A really nice way to bring the family close this Christmas is to bundle everyone into your nice warm car and take a drive around local towns or cities to see the outdoor Christmas light displays. As it gets closer to Christmas and everyone has decorated their homes and gardens, there’ll be lots to see locally or a little further away. If you’re thinking of the latter, why not take a trip to the Blackpool Illuminations. Year after year they produce a delight for the eyes, the whole family young and old will love a visit to see the lights. As you cruise along looking at the displays this year, you’ll find yourselves getting in the Christmas spirit for sure!


Christmas Movies

Another great way to get the festive feeling into your family is to cosy up in front of the TV and watch a good Christmas movie! There are so many out there, do you already have a favourite? Maybe you love something like Elf, The Polar Express, or more of a classic such as Christmas Carol or White Christmas. Get out some of your favourite snacks and drinks to nibble while you watch. There is a festive movie out there for everyone, if you find one that the family falls in love with, why not make it a tradition in your home and play it every year?


Christmas Parties

You may have a Christmas outing planned with your work colleagues, or maybe your annual Christmas dinner at a local restaurant, but why not plan a little gathering between family and friends. This doesn’t have to be a huge lavish affair, just an event to show how much your loved ones mean, and just to get everyone together. We all know how hard this can be in busy present times! You can create fun activities and games for all the family and maybe festive themed menus. But your party can also be a more laid back event, whatever you choose a family party is sure to go down a treat!



Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

It’s not Christmas for the children until they have been to see the big man himself! Visiting Father Christmas is a highlight of the festive season and planning a special visit can create a Christmas to remember. There are tonnes of places locally or further afield that will have a Santa’s grotto this year, many with other special events tied in. Children love this Christmas tradition, particularly if they’re just coming to that age where it is their first time to meet Santa! Their eyes will light up when they see him and the elves, and they love getting to take home a little gift of their own. This is definitely one of the best ways to bring the family together and get into the Christmas spirit!

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