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Fun Ways to use Christmas Decorations around the Home

We know it’s only September, but we can’t help but get excited about putting up the Christmas decorations for this year, it seems to be creeping up on us rather quickly! We’re a fan of early preparation here at UK Christmas World so plan now on how you might want to decorate your home this festive season. In this blog we have put together some fun and creative ideas on unusual decorations for around your home, which we hope will inspire you to add even more Christmas magic to your trimmings this year!

Firstly we found, these hanging candy canes from Ciao Newport Beach.Blogspot.com, which we thought were a lovely idea, which children will particularly like. But if you have a red and white colour scheme in your home normally, this is a perfect addition to your favourite decorations. As pictured below you could hang them from a Christmassy garland or even just a curtain pole or bannister, then suspend the sweets from some ribbon, and that’s all there is to it! A simple and effective way to add festive cheer to your home.

This is an amazing idea, and some crafting that the whole family can sit down to! These clever decorations found on Fashionqe.com are made out of pasta shapes that have been painted. Use your favourite colour paint that will match your home decor and get to work. Then stick all the pieces together in whatever shape you like! Add some thread to the top and then hang from the branches of your Christmas tree!


Create some mini Christmas trees to decorate your home, complete with their very own plant pots. Take some plain glass baubles, remove the top and fill with some soil as seen in the image below, found from rilane.com. You could even mix in some glitter to make them look extra special. Place a piece of Christmassy foliage of your choice in the top of the bauble, place anywhere in your home and enjoy. You could even try to find a large bauble or spherical vase, find a larger festive plant or selection of foliage and add lights into the vase along with the soil. There are lots of ways you can vary this decoration to suit your own taste. 

Here are some great ways to recycle your used wine bottles. Show off your creativity to your visitors by making sure the bottles are clean and removing all the labels from the sides. You can then place them around your home, they would look particularly effective in the kitchen or dining room areas, fill them with fairy lights, wait until the sun goes down, and enjoy! A simple yet brilliant idea that will impress your family and friends this Christmas. 


Here is another great way to use those wine bottles, found from Drink Nectar.com, that is guaranteed to add a wintry festive feel to your home. Paint them white then while they are still wet cover in salt (quite large grains) or powdered artificial snow. You could also use glitter, white or silver would look best, then add festive foliage in the top of the bottle. You could also spray paint these to complete the look. These decorations have a unique, modern style to them that would look great in any room of the house, they are very cost efficient and simple to create.

We think this is such a cute idea that small children will particularly love, and is so easy to set up they will be able to do a lot of the work with you! All you need is a length of artificial snow or cotton wool to place on your bannister to create the slide for the penguins! Make sure it is stuck down firmly, then choose your favourite Christmas characters. Penguins are ideal as seen in the image, or you can pick any toys of your choice, or a mixture of different characters! To make this decoration look just as effective at night time, you can add some LED fairy lights and hide them inside the snow. Then when the sun goes down you will still be able to see these fun little guys having fun in the snow!

We hope that these ideas inspire you to create something brilliant for your home this Christmas. UK Christmas World are getting more excited as the festive season gets closer. We have the widest and best range of Christmas decorations in the area, and our new Outlet will be bigger and better this year than ever before! Don’t miss out, our store is opening on 19th September, where there will be so much to explore!


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