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Halloween - Recycling your Seasonal Decorations

It would appear that each and every season that we encounter holds a special holiday or notable occasion; celebrating each and every one of these can quickly become expensive if you aren’t aware of the possibilities that your seasonal decorations provide you with. Rather than purchasing a set of decorations for Halloween, we’re going to explain to you how you can recycle Christmas decorations that you may have stored away to produce a fabulous Halloween display.

Creating Freaky Fairy Lights

There are a number of ways in which you can recycle your white Christmas lights to produce an eerie method of lighting your home in time for the Halloween holiday.

To create fairy lights that cast an eerie glow all you need is the original fairy lights and some purple, orange or green plastic. Cut the plastic into circles that are large enough to surround the fairy light and then poke a hole through the middle of the plastic circle using a pen or a pair of scissors.

Repeat the process so that at least every other bulb is surrounded by a cone of coloured plastic; you can even use several different colours to achieve the best effect.

Undead Helpers

If you purchased a number of Santa’s helpers during the festive season you can now use them to your advantage to produce your very own undead army of helpers! Creating your army of zombie elves doesn’t have to be difficult; it can be as simple spraying the elves with a small amount of green or grey paint. You can create zombie reindeer in the same way. 

Fallen Angels & Witches

If you have an angel that usually sits atop your tree or if you have a number of angels you can create a hanging set of witches or fallen angels. To create your fallen angels all you need to do is either take away the wings from your angels or paint them black; creating witches is a little trickier.

To create your witches out of the angels that you had at Christmas you can do several things, but the majority of them will include defacing your angels to do so. The first thing that you can do is paint the robes of your angel in a deep purple hue to represent the robes of a typical witch; the next thing you should do is produce a hat for your new witch.

To create the hat you should use black card as it holds its shape much longer than ordinary paper or foil. Cut out two disks from your black paper, a small disk and a much larger disk. The larger disk should be rolled diagonally in order to produce a cone which is then placed upon the small disk of black card; with this you should have a makeshift hat for your converted angels.

There are a multitude of other ways in which you can recycle your seasonal decorations in order to produce the best Halloween decorations, although some of these decorations can be made within your own home from everyday household items.

One example is plant pots – plant pots can be turned upside down and have faces drawn on them to avoid having to buy, clean and cut pumpkins. Although the plant pots are not traditional they will save you a lot of money and a lot of hassle.

For more information on winter festivities and all things related to Christmas decorations or lighting you can get in touch with us at UK Christmas World. We’d be more than happy to help you.

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