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How Are Christmas Lights Made?

They are one of the nation’s favourite ways to decorate the home, but ever wondered how they are made? In this blog we will share with you the secrets of the journey Christmas lights, make from factory all the way to your home!


Christmas lights are made from 3 sets of materials:

  • A copper wire that is covered in green or white PVC plastic
  • Bulbs are made from blown glass, meal filaments, metal contact wires and plastic bases
  • Packaging materials are made from a plastic tray and a cardboard box


The Manufacturing Process:

1. Spools are copper wire are delivered to the manufacture where the light maker will coat it in PVC, or they can buy the wire already coated. The coating is resistant to UV rays from the sun and can withstand hot and cold temperatures meaning customers will be able to use them all year round, without the plastic breaking down.

2. The lights are made in series-parallel construction. One wire is cut to the full length of the light string, and at one end the plug is moulded to the wire. The end connector is moulded to the other end of the string, which enables another set of lights to be added if desired. Each plug has a 3 amp fuse, if too many sets of lights are added, the fuse will blow. A machine adds metal flanges along the wire which will soon hold the bulbs.

3. The lamp holders are placed along the second length of wire at certain intervals along it. They are made from injection-moulded plastic either by the light maker or by an outside manufacturer. The lamp holders are pushed into the metal flanges and they clip into place. This process continues for all of the bulbs all along the wire.

4. The two strings of wire are then twisted together using a twisting machine, to make them easier to string around trees or furnishings. Light bulbs are then added into the string before packaging. 


5. The light bulbs are fitted to the holders by hand, and the wires are then folded into the required shape to fit the plastic tray. The plastic trays are conveyed to the final testing line and plugged in to confirm that each set of lights work. The working sets are then taken to the final packaging area. A warning label is wrapped around the plug and the lights are placed inside a cardboard box. Instruction manuals are inserted into the box, and it is then sealed. They are then packed into shipping cartons to be distributed to stores all around the country.


You can then pick up these brand new lights and give them a home this year around your tree! So now when you put up your new Christmas lights this year, you will remember the journey they have made to get to your home, to make it look extra special!

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