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How Many Lights Will I Need This Christmas?

Whether you’re looking to add new lights to the inside or outside of your home this Christmas, it can be tricky to work out exactly how many lights you need, or how long your set needs to be to cover the area you want.

Golden Christmas Lights

If the lights on your Christmas Tree are ready for updating, here at UK Christmas World we stock lots of great lights that will help to get your tree looking amazing again.

“But Christmas trees are all different sizes!”
“How are we to know how many lights we need without just guessing?!”

Fear not! This blog will highlight how many Christmas Tree Lights you will need to go with all sizes of tree, as well as approximately how many Outdoor Icicle Lights you need to trim up the outside of your home!


Let’s start with trimming up the tree!...

Our sets of LED lights start at 100, and will be perfect for a miniature Christmas tree!


Our sets of 360 LED lights are also available in a whole range of colours and are perfect for 6ft trees, the most popular size of tree.


For larger Christmas trees our range of LED lights continues up to 720 and 100!


And for giant trees, ideal for impressive outdoor and commercial displays, our largest sets of lights have 1200 or 200 LEDs!

Now let’s take a look at illuminating the outside of your house!...

One thing to keep in mind when choosing your lights, is that it's better to have more lights than needed, than not have enough. So when measuring your home make sure to round up a little, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Why not use this diagram to help you…


Our sets of Icicle Lights are available in all kinds of colours and start at a size of 180 lights.

For larger areas to cover, our Icicle Lights go up 720 and 960!


We hope this short blog will help you as we approach the festive season, to make your decorating duties a little easier!
Our UK Christmas World website is well stocked with lots of choice of Indoor and Outdoor Lights, of all colours and sizes. We’re sure you’ll find something to suit your décor scheme this Christmas!

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