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How to Beat the Post-Christmas Blues

We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year, just like us here at UK Christmas World HQ – it’s our absolute favourite time of year.

But now we’ve all had our fill of mince pies, turkey, Christmas carols and festive telly, it’s time to get back to normal! Christmas is such a happy time where family and friends can get together and when January arrives, many of us may be struck with some sadness - the post-Christmas blues!

In this blog we want to lend a hand with this, to help you all overcome these feelings and to flow into January feeling a bit happier!


Be Active

This is a great way of killing two birds with one stone! Not only will keeping active give you something to do to take your mind off the January blues, but it will help you to burn off those extra pounds after over indulging during the festive period!
Dig out those trainers and get out for a run, or maybe take up a new class or hobby!
January is a better time than any to take up something new, maybe you’ll find something to get stuck into that you really love!
Make sure you get the whole family into this habit as well, take your kids to that sporting class they always wanted to try, or suggest your new fitness regime to a friend and they might even want to get into it as well!

Control Your Finances

December is a difficult month money-wise for most people, but January can be your time to turn it all around!  Beginning the New Year with plans, ambitions and a budget spread sheets is a great way to look forward to the next twelve months.
Try budgeting for the upcoming few months and tracking your purchases, it will hopefully help you to cut out on any unnecessary outgoings.  If you can manage to get yourself into this habit, you could soon find yourself able to buy bigger and better presents next December!
Don’t let money be the reason you’re blue this January!

Keep Busy

Christmas time was spent relaxing at home, maybe eating a few too many choccies, watching fun festive TV. But now January is here we have to get back to some normality. To stop you feeling down about the fact you have to give up all previously mentioned, keep yourself busy!
Make plans for upcoming dates, giving yourself something to look forward to, maybe even book a holiday if your budget allows! How about taking up a new hobby for the weekend or evening, keeping you out of the house a little bit, or organise a meet up with old friends which is bound to keep your spirits high!


New Year is the perfect time for a ‘spring clean’! When January arrives seize the opportunity to give your home a good old clean. Get rid of all the rubbish and dirt that might have accumulated over the festive period, clear the clutter you’ve been meaning to for ages and maybe even do a spot of decorating! Both you and your home will feel much better for doing this we’re sure, and it will help to keep you busy, avoiding time to get trapped in those post-Christmas blues!

Boost your Social Life

Getting together with friends is a great way to boost your mood come January. We’ve spent lots of time during the festive season meeting up with our buddies and loved ones, so a great way to keep your spirits high is to carry this on! Make some exciting plans with your friends, perhaps a big night out, or attend events you might not normally go to, you may even make some new ones! We can help keep each other in a good mood, after all no one wants to be caught up in the post-Christmas blues.

We hope this short blog will have given you some ideas to help you beat those post-Christmas blues! Let’s all stay jolly this January! 

If you do want to sneak in some final festivities before cracking on with the rest of the year, check out our UK Christmas World website that is open all year round. Perfect for if you’re looking to replace some of your lights and decorations from this Christmas!

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