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How To Change A Christmas Fairy Light

Traditional fairy lights are still a popular choice but unlike LEDs the bulbs will occasionally need changing. Older style Christmas lights use filament bulbs which heat up and when knocked this can damage the bulb, also over time like any household light bulb the lamps will fail.

Bundle of Christmas Fairy Lights

There's no need to worry though, all traditional fairy light bulbs can be replaced. When you buy a set of lights a handful of spare bulbs are normally included. Once these have been used Spares can be purchased online or from high steer retailers including Wilco's.

1) Ensure the lights are unplugged and the power turned off

2) Holding the base of the lamp (the plastic bit) carefully pull the lamp out. If you pull the glass part the bulb come become detached from its base making it really difficult to replace the lamp.

3) Replace with a new lamp ensure a tight fit in the socket.

4) Time to turn on and enjoy your Christmas lights again!

If the entire set has stopped working please check the fuse bulb, if this fails the whole set will fail. Fuse bulbs can also be replaced just like above.

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