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How to Hang Your Christmas Lights Safely

We can’t wait to get into the Christmas season once again, it’s a time for celebration and all the decorations and lights certainly put everyone in the festive spirit!

Here at UK Christmas World we have a fantastic range of all kinds of indoor and outdoor lights, Christmas trees, Christmas displays and other Home Décor to suit all tastes and budgets.

But with all the excitement this time of year brings, make sure you keep your family and friends safe when hanging your Christmas Lights by following our guidelines. Sometimes hanging outdoor lights can be tricky and they can be dangerous if the correct precautions are not taken.  


In order to safely install your Christmas lights, it is recommended that you don’t wait until the last minute – take your time! When installing outdoor Christmas lights, there shouldn't be any snow or ice on the ground, making sure the surface underfoot is as safe as possible. Installing lights when there is still grass is the best way to ensure safety and ease.

To simplify the task, you should install hooks around the house where the lights will be. These hooks should be left there all year round since they do not take up a lot of space and can really speed up the process for the following years. Once these hooks are installed, the lights can be attached to them.
Check out our Mini Gutter Hooks, as well as some others in our Christmas Light Accessory section of our website, they will be great for holding many kinds of string and icicle lights!

It is a good idea to test the lights before hanging them to make sure they work properly, this will also save time. When putting the lights up, use a ladder that is safely planted on the ground and make sure that someone is holding the bottom part of the ladder for safety. A team of 2 or 3 people would be best to make sure there are enough helpers for the whole process to ensure it runs smoothly!

For the best outdoor Christmas lights results, you should consider using LED lights. These types of lights come in various colours and last a lot longer than other type of Christmas lights, meaning they will be much more cost effective. Also, LED Christmas Lights do not all burn out when only one bulbs blows which happens with the other type of Christmas lights. The thickness and toughness of these lights allow them to last longer and be much more durable than other types of lights e.g. halogen.

Decorating outdoors does not have to be limited to the household. To achieve a brilliant Christmas look for your home, you should consider decorating other outdoor areas too.

Installing Christmas lights along walkways and paths really gives a great look for the holidays. Our Santa Stop Here Stake Lights are a brilliant choice for this, and children will especially love something like this in the garden!

Another way to decorate your outdoor surroundings is by installing Christmas lights around trees near your property, which makes it look like you have lots of Christmas trees outside! Why not take a look at our Net Lights that are ideal for placing over shrubs and bushes.

If you are placing any lights outside and are using an outdoor plug socket, you will need to purchase a DriBox to keep all your transformers and cables dry over the winter. These can be found on our UK Christmas World website under Christmas Light Accessories. They come in a range of sizes such as the Outdoor DriBox 330.


There are many ways to get a great Christmas look for your house; the most important thing is to innovate and to be creative, but most of all safe!

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