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How to Make A Christmas Wreath

What better way to get ready for the festive season than by making your own wreath! Gather together all the things you will need in advance and settle down on a wintery night and get creative!

Making a christmas wreath

To start you will need the right tools! Have to hand a pair of secateurs, floral wire and craft glue. You can make the frame for your Christmas wreath a number of ways, the most popular being a wire frame and to this you can attach all your goodies! Pop out in to the garden and see what hidden treasures you can find. Twiggy stems and sprigs of conifer and holly make the perfect starting point. You could even use a few of the bottom branches from your Christmas tree! Add to this a mix of cones, slices of dried fruit such as oranges, dried or artificial flowers or if you are feeling adventurous you could even use real flowers! If you are using real flowers, you will need to create the base of your wreath using a foam ring and then don’t forget to spray the wreath regularly to keep the flowers alive and fresh! Ribbons and bows are perfect for the final touch.


You can create variations on the traditional wreath in a number of ways. Try spray painting some of your greenery in gold or silver before attaching it to your wreath. Intertwine a red ribbon throughout your branches to create added depth. For traditional Christmas colours stick to greens, reds and gold but if you want to include a burst of colour this can look fantastic and can make your decoration look a little bit more modern.


In addition to a homemade wreath, why not try making your own garland? You can make this using a ‘fake’ garland length which you can purchase from most garden centres, or you can build up your garland using the same technique used to make the wreath. You can use real evergreens to combine into your garland, or if you prefer, for something you can use year after year, you can simply use artificial flowers and leaves along with decorations.

decorated christmas garland on a fireplace

Happy crafting!

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