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How to Make the Most of your Christmas Baubles

The use of baubles on our Christmas trees is one of the most popular ways to decorate our homes during the festive season each year. But are you fancying doing something a little bit unique with your baubles this Christmas? Here are some creative ways to use the decorations, which allows you to make something a little more contemporary but still keeping a traditional festive feel.


Here is one great idea found at Bon Bon Rose Girls.com , which takes traditional baubles and other typical Christmassy objects and displays them in a completely different way. This look can be easily replicated by using any size and shape of glass jar, and filling with your favourite decorations. This could be pine cones and berries as in the picture, or instead use something like Christmas foliage, tinsel, artificial snow and glitter. There are tonnes of ways to make this display suit your colour scheme and décor, making it a perfect idea for any home this year!

We absolutely love this next idea, this is perfect if you’re stuck for present ideas this Christmas! If you have some spare plain glass baubles lying around you can make your own Hot Chocolate gift sets. This was found on The Wow Style.com, and would be an easy way to send handmade stocking fillers to your family and friends. All you would need to do is measure out the ingredients as if you were going to make the hot chocolate in a mug, then layer them up into the bauble. Add some other toppings such as marshmallows, chocolate buttons and coloured sprinkles to make it extra special. There are many variations of flavours you can try, peppermint, white chocolate and dark chocolate can be seen in the image here, or why not try flavours such as chocolate orange, praline, caramel or perhaps a cinnamon infused mix (very Christmassy!)


Here is a lovely way you can use your baubles in the home, found on Home Talk.com. Hang your baubles from different lengths of string as seen in this image, or you could even use fishing wire so the baubles appear to be floating! Choose your favourite colours and designs that match your own style and colour scheme and get to work. This idea will be perfect for window or door displays, this would look great in front of your patio door too. You can get all the family involved in being creative with it this Christmas, older children especially will love to help as it may be a bit fiddly for the little ones. You have to think as well what the baubles are going to hang from. A garland as seen in this image would be the perfect base for your hanging decoration, and then that will be able to be attached to your window or door frame. 


Use baubles as a Christmas table decoration! There are lots of ways that they can be used to make your table look fantastic this year, and all these displays are so easy to create! Take some of your glassware and fill with baubles of your choice as seen below, you can even incorporate candles, also pictured, to create a lovely cosy atmosphere during the winter evenings. These ideas were found from So Creative Things.com and are such simple decorations that we think look super effective.

This is a fantastic idea if you are mega creative and willing to put a fair amount of time into creating a unique and contemporary decoration with your baubles. This idea has been ‘floating’ around for a while, you may have already seen images of it on the web. But we think it’s a great way to add unusual style to your home this Christmas. Create a 3D floating Christmas tree in your home, this can be as small or large as you wish, and use the colours that you desire, as well as different shaped baubles. Fishing wire could be used to suspend the decorations which could be then hung from something like a cooling rack from the ceiling. You could even use this idea instead of your traditional Christmas tree, you could fit the gifts underneath too. Give this modern decoration a try this year!


Here is one more creative idea for your baubles, found from Real House Design.com. This one may take a little more time and effort to get it looking right, but it incorporates the use of fairy lights, baubles and Christmas decorations, to create a Christmas tree that can be placed on doors, windows or walls. You may need a couple of extra hands to help create the shape of the tree with the lights, so a perfect idea to get the family involved and get everyone into the Christmas spirit. This decoration will look particularly effective at night, and something similar could be used outdoors, perhaps set up on a garden wall, trellis or fence. Make sure all of the decorations, particularly the lights are suitable for outdoor use though, and it may be better placed in a sheltered outdoor area, so it doesn’t have to battle too much of the harsh winter weather.


We hope that these ideas have inspired you to create something a little special for your home this year. Here at UK Christmas World we have a wide range of baubles and Christmas decorations available, click here to browse our selection at your leisure or even pop into our new Christmas Outlet and see them for yourself, opening 19th September!

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