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Is It Your First Time Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights This Year? Here is a Beginners Guide to Help!

Christmas is upon us again and the temptation, as always, is to light up the property brightly enough such that those on the orbiting space station can have a good look at all the hard work you have put into decorating your property this year. Although this tends to be the issue most people have to contend with, it is important to note that taking down the decor will take just as much time as it took to put it up.

With this particular aspect of the decoration in mind, let the makeover begin. For starters, it is important to realise that the outdoor Christmas lights should be tested before setting them up. Although this might sound like common sense, most beginners tend to forget this fact only to be let down by malfunctioning lights that will simply not work as they should.

Once it has been ascertained that every single bulb is working and that the lights are blinking as they should, it is therefore time for the planning to begin. This is an important part of the preparations because this sort of decor ought to be done using a particular theme. The theme is what will cause onlookers to stop and take in the sights, and possibly sounds, which are part and parcel of your property for the duration of the holidays.

Delving deeper into the world of Christmas lighting, it is important to note that less is indeed more. This is an important factor to be considered because it would be in bad taste to simply blanket the property with all sorts of outdoor Christmas lights. In other words, the lights have got to work well together whether they are in different colours or in a single shade of a particular colour. With this in mind, it is important to note that the latter tends to give the property a more polished look, while the former gives the property an element of playfulness.

Moving on from here, there is the element of hanging up the lights properly. For beginners, where the outdoor Christmas lights are supposed to cover certain objects, this effect should be created by simply allowing the lights to fall into place naturally. This particular decor tip can be used when draping fairy lights over trees, rock gardens and other natural installations on the garden.


On the other hand, when it comes to manmade objects, the lights can be hung in an angular manner. This will allow the property to take on a defined shape an aspect that can be used on the actual structure, perimeter wall, fence and so on. This not only brings with it the festive mood, but also gives the home that extra oomph.

Last but not least, any seating area should be well lit in order to make it more conducive for use during the evening hours when friends and family gather to celebrate the holidays.

These are some of the most basic tips that one can use when hanging lights, but one should never forget that they ought to be placed well out of the reach of children.


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