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Jazz Up Your Christmas Gift Wrap!

Do you feel like adding a little bit of extra special Christmas magic to your gifts this year? Impress your family and friends by using some of these interesting ways to wrap up their presents.

After Christmas shopping, we would normally reach for the rolls of wrapping paper, gift tags, bows and other usual Christmas wrapping items of those sorts, but on enchantedhome.com we have found lots of exciting ways to mix up your usual present wrapping routine! Here are some of the top picks from their website that we think you’ll love…

Make extra effort to colour match your paper and accessories as seen here. Find nice thick ribbons to make big bows at the top of your gift as seen in these images here. Good festive colours include silver, white, light blue, gold, red, green and lilac.

 Maybe use a plain coloured paper such as white, brown, red or other festive colours. Then decorate with ribbons and other festive items such as candy canes, pine cones, festive flowers, berries and foliage. They will look a real treat and children especially will love the sweetie themed gifts.

These are amazing! If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands dedicated to gift wrapping, and you want to put in some extra effort this year, these will be a perfect idea for you! Grab a glue gun and some festive decorations of your choice, in the image below they have used, red and white sweets, flowers/petals and tinsel, and get to work sticking them on, before adding ribbons and tags of your choice. Get creative this Christmas!


Here’s a really fun idea. Wrap your presents in a simple coloured paper such as gold, red, green or silver. Then cut out letter to spell the recipient’s name and stick onto the package. This one may be a bit fiddly and would only work if you have nice big, flat present, but will look great when finished.

Another great personalised gift wrap idea can be seen here. They have used newspaper to wrap the gift then a gift tag with the person’s initial is attached after.


Make use of any spare metallic type Christmas ornaments such as baubles, bells or other Christmas tree ornaments, that you might have lying around, attach them to ribbon and then tie around your present. An easy way to add something special to your gift wrap.

Layer up your ribbons to add extra glam! Choose a bigger flat ribbon then tie a curly or textured ribbon over the top. 

This is a lovely idea that will create a Christmassy touch, taking something very traditional and using it in a new and unique way. Use music paper, definitely try to get Christmas carols to wrap the presents in, then tie a coloured ribbon around. Here they have used bells on the ribbon too which is a lovely idea, but an easier option may be again to attach Christmas flowers or berries.


Add a personalised family touch by attaching black and white photos of you and your family to the front of the package. This will be a great touch and the recipients will feel extra special for sure! Add a splash of colour with a bright ribbon to really top it off.

One more great idea that will get the whole family involved, is to let the children’s creativity run wild and let them create their own wrapping paper. Keep it in a colour scheme for the best effect, reds, greens, silvers and golds and let them choose their own Christmas picture.



We hope that this has given you a little inspiration to try out something a little different this Christmas. The effort will certainly pay off as your family and friends will love your creativity and will feel extra special when they see them under the tree.

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