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Lauren's Product Reviews - Christmas Santa Race

Welcome to this week’s UK Christmas World blog and my featured product of the week!

In this series of blogs you may find some useful information and insight on products you might be looking to purchase. So feel free to browse the other Featured Product Blogs in the series for a closer look at some of our wonderful Christmas decorations! I’ll be cramming in as many as I can from now in the run up to the festive season!

The product I’m going to be taking a closer look at this week is our Christmas Santa Race.
(this one was a lot of fun!)


I was very excited that I got to unpack this one and have a play around! Even from looking at the product on the box, I could tell this was going to be an exciting product, one that will surely add festive fun to any home!


So, upon unboxing I was worried this one might take a long time to get set up. There is a range of different pieces to slot together, but I found this was actually really easy to do! All the pieces of track and decorations click together easily, helping you to start enjoying the fun of this decoration in no time! In the box you also get 3 Santa characters so place these randomly on the course, it’s probably a good idea to start them all on the stairs with a gap between each Sant


When the pieces are all in place, it’s time for the fun to begin! Simply add 3 x AA batteries to the compartment on the side and flick the switch!


Look at these little guys go! It really is a lot fun to watch as the cute little Santas hop up the stairs and then in turn whizz round the track! When they reach the bottom it’s time to do it all again, some continuous fun that the whole family will definitely enjoy!

As the Santas race round the track there are also lights and music to enjoy! The stairs light up with multi coloured lights, making this a perfect decoration for all times of day and night! When turned on this decoration plays ‘Jingle Bells’ which just adds to the fun! There is also the option to turn off the music and just enjoy the lights, which I thought was an excellent touch, because even though the music is great, it might get a bit repetitive after a while!

This was really fun to unpack and set up, but it wasn’t just myself that enjoyed it so much. As I’d set this product up, the whole office wanted to come and check it out and they all loved it too! I’m sure this will provide hours of amusement for all the family, making it perfect for Christmas parties and gatherings! This would make a fantastic novelty gift as well!


This decoration is brand new to our UK Christmas World range this year, but stock is limited! So hurry if you fancy adding some of this Santa Christmas fun to your home this festive season!
You can find our Christmas Santa Race in the Novelty Christmas Fun section of our website to find out more and to order one of your very own! There is also a video on the listing so you can see it in action for yourself!

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