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Lauren's Product Reviews - Christmas Station Scene

Welcome to another UK Christmas World blog and this week’s featured product!...

I hope you’re enjoying reading the blogs in this series, and if you want to check my previous product reviews, you can find them all in the Blog section of our website.

This week I’m unboxing our Christmas Station Scene from one of our wonderful suppliers, Kaemingk. In this blog I’ll walk through any set-up processes and give a little bit of a review too. So, if you’re thinking about purchasing this product and want to know a little bit more about it, you’re in the right place!

I was looking forwards to getting a closer look at this decoration, as I love all the other Village Scene items that we have on our website, so I was quite excited to unbox one and check it out in person!
This decoration comes neatly packed in its own box with polystyrene protection, which will come in handy for storage after use each year.

Let’s get unpacking!...

There is no assembly needed for this decoration at all, which is fantastic news, so you can simply remove the building and its power cable from the packaging, ready just to plug in and play!



When you take a closer look at the details of this decoration, you are certainly not left disappointed! There are lots of little moments captured by the figures stood at the train station scene, and looking at this decoration, it instantly gives you a feeling of Christmas spirit! I’m not kidding, once I got this decoration up and running it got me all excited for the festive season, on what was probably one of the hottest days this summer!

This really is such a sweet and charming product. Even without being switched on it’s lovely, so when it is displayed in the day time it will look just as good as when you power it up at night!
I know that the whole family would love this decoration and it’s a fantastic addition to a classic, traditional décor scheme.  It would also be perfect if you have a little village display in your home. Added to the other houses, shops and figurines this will make your Christmas village even more spectacular!

Here’s a closer look at those beautiful details!...


Time to switch it on!
I thought I felt Christmassy before, but now with the lights, music and animation, I’m definitely in a festive mood!

The mini fairy lights alg the front of the station light up the whole building with their charming multi coloured bulbs, which flash and change colours as the decoration is in operation. All the windows in the station also have an inviting amber glow lit from the inside. This decoration is sure to light up your home this Christmas and will look stunning at night time whichever surface it is placed on.

Even just with lights, this decoration would be lovely, but this piece also has animation, as the train moves up and down the tracks, which is a great touch!
Not only that, but a range of Christmas tunes also play during all of this, making it a wonderful decoration to listen to as well as look at! I can just imagine young children’s faces light up as they sit and watch it all in motion! This will look magical placed on its own in any room of the home, or as part of a village display.


This is a great quality decoration and is available for £69.99 on our website. The only tiny thing I discovered while setting up this decoration was that the power cable was fairly short. This may not be an issue if the table top you wish to place it on is located near a wall socket, or otherwise this can be easily fixed, by using an extension cable like I did.
The only other function I would have liked to have seen is perhaps the ability to have the lights working separately to the music, as I feel that the lights look brilliant but there may be times when you don’t want the music playing at the same time. But this isn’t a huge problem, just a personal point of view, and it certainly wouldn’t stop me purchasing this for a traditional home display.


So, to conclude, I absolutely loved setting this up, and watching the scene in motion, and I’m sure you’ll love it just as much! I couldn’t believe how easy this was to get going and the details are just adorable! It certainly is something special to add to your home décor this year!


If you want to get your hands on your very own this Christmas, our Christmas Station Scene is available now on our UK Christmas World website, where you can find out more information and order for yourself!

I hope you found this little product review helpful, and that you’ll be back again soon to check out another of my featured products!

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