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LED Christmas Fairy Lights - Saving Energy, Saving You Money.

Over the years we have decorated our homes indoor and out during this festive season. We throw Christmas lights on just about everything in order to give it that 'Christmas feel'  it was however only a few years ago to which were were throwing traditional fairy lights over the Christmas tree. Now you may be thinking, what are traditional fairy lights? Well back in the day, lights were not so energy efficient as they are today.  These xmas lights were mains powered (240V) and used filament bulbs which often got very hot which meant great heat loss. Due to the substantial amount of heat that was lost from the bulb meant that they were easily damaged and required replacing very frequently. In the past few years we have evolved into a new form of lighting commonly known as LED lighting. LED Christmas Lights are now widely used by many manufacturers in all of their lighting products. It is still possible to get your hands on the traditional filament bulbs, many styles are actually available right here in our Christmas Shop. 

The abbreviation 'LED' stands for 'Light emitting diodes' and has now become substantially more popular amongst consumers due to their money saving benefits. LED lights are guaranteed to be more energy efficient. They have become so popular that they are also used in hundred of appliances and gadgets.

Why use LED lighting?

  • LED's on average will use up to 90% less energy – This in turn will help your wallet on the electricity bills every month. 
  • LED's on average are a lot brighter than traditional lights and produce a much more vivid colour. 
  • There is absolutely no energy loss from the bulb due to over heating. 
  • Longer lasting than normal Filament Bulb Christmas Lights
  • LED’s have a durable construction with no filament to break
  • You do not require spare bulbs
  • LED's are very cost effective – your xmas lights may cost a little more initially, however they are guaranteed to last you a longer period of time. You certainly will not have to replace bulbs every five minutes. 

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