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LED Christmas Lights: Power to the Season

If you are like most people you will want to celebrate this Christmas season in the usual way with a tree, decorations, music, etc., but much of the sparkle of the holidays is provided by the lights. If you are looking for a greener alternative to traditional incandescent lighting you might want to consider a sparkling new trend; LED Christmas lights.

LED lights have been around for years but only in the last few years with the growing popularity of the so-called "green movement" have they become a huge deal. As a result, the question becomes, what is the difference between these and the traditional incandescent Christmas lights, and is converting to LED worth the trouble? Fortunately, the answer is an easy yes.

The plain truth is that there are several good reasons to convert to this type of lighting, and not many at all not to use them.

LED lights are very efficient, much more so than traditional lights. In fact, they consume only about 10 percent of the power that is consumed by traditional incandescent lights. This is great news whether you are trying to be more environmentally responsible or just trying to save money from a previously high electricity bill. For both of these reasons, LED lighting in general has become enormously popular. It is also worth noting that largely due to this fact, they last longer than traditional lights. So for both reasons, LED is a bargain.

Now for the downside, what little there is of one: how they look. Many people don't like the way LED lights look, whether they are outside or inside. Many of these people believe that they are more intense than traditional incandescent lighting, although most agree that when they are used outside, the difference is negligible. Using them indoors is, at least to many people, a different story. They simply don't like them because of the brightness and harsh quality of the light. Traditional incandescent Christmas lights are softer in appearance. Fortunately, this is less of an issue with new lines of "warm" LED Christmas lights.

But even those who don't like them agree that the variety in the shapes, sizes, and colours of the emerging product lines deserve a serious look. After all, it's the creativity that lights allow that truly make them unique, and decorating with them can be just as rewarding as traditional incandescent ones when creativity is added in generous doses.

What it all comes down to is cost, as Scrooge-like as that might sound. LED Christmas lights don't cost, they pay, both in the short term and the long term. They are more environmentally friendly too, which makes them the one purchase that is a sure-fire winner.

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