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Make Christmas Food Fun!

Already thinking about your Christmas time menu? Many of us may always go for the usual options, maybe you prefer this with sticking to traditions, or maybe this year you’re looking to jazz up your Christmas feasts. We have searched the web for some fantastic and unique Christmas food ideas, guaranteed you'll want to try one or two of these at home!


Here is a lovely little idea found from blog.mychristmas.com, which children will absolutely love! They are so easy to make so the kids can get involved in making too.

For these Strawberry Santa Hats all you need is:

  • Strawberries – the bigger the better
  • White chocolate
  • Marshmallows
  • White hundreds and thousands

Cut the top off the strawberry so it is flat, melt the white chocolate and use it as a glue and go ahead adding the decorations!


There are a tonne of Christmas cupcake ideas out there with a vast range of different flavours, decorations and toppings, here are just a couple that we really love…

These look fantastic and are not actually that difficult to make. Found on justataste.com you will need, un-decorated cupcakes in a flavour of your choice, frosting, ice cream cones, green food colouring, edible decorative balls and icing sugar to decorate.


They will look great as a centre piece to a Christmas party table, dust at the end with icing sugar to give a snowy wintry look. Your guests will be so impressed with your creativity!


These Melted Snowman Cookies are a fantastic idea for children! This idea from homebunch.com are simple to create and will make a yummy treat over the Christmas season, maybe with a nice hot chocolate in front of a festive film, or impressive sweet treats for a Christmas party

All you need is a simple cookie or biscuit recipe (or even buy them ready made!), plain white icing for the snow puddle, and other icing colours to decorate such as red and black as seen in the image. You will also need some marshmallows (standard size) for the heads.


Children are guaranteed to love these! They are really simple to put together so they can have lots of fun helping to make them too. This idea was found on foodiequine.com and all you need is some Milky Way bars (or other chocolate bars of your choice in the miniature variety e.g. mars bars), gingerbread men – shop bought or homemade, mini candy canes and milk chocolate for melting. Cut the milky war bars in half then all the components are stuck together using the melted chocolate – easy peasy!

This is another fun idea that children will love getting involved with as well as eating! From acoupleofcooks.com all you need is some pizza dough – this probably needs to be homemade so you can roll and cut into shape. You can use any toppings you wish, in the image below they have used pesto, spinach and red onion, but you can pick your family favourites and go to town decorating. You can place them in a neat pattern to make it look like a tree, as seen below or just let the young ones top the pizza any old how! To recreate the Christmas tree shape, roll out your dough into a nice big square and use a pizza cutter to cut to a triangle, use the off cuttings then to make the trunk.

Of course one of the most common of the Christmas food ideas are cupcakes! There are so many decorating ideas so here are some of our favourite, why not give some of them a try this year. They would make great centre pieces to your Christmas feast at home, fabulous gifts, and are ideal if you need something to sell for a Christmas fair this year!


These great Christmas wreaths are simple to create and are a lovely classic idea.

Traditional ideas such as these Christmas puddings will always go down well and look a treat!


If you’re handy with your icing crafts, give these a try this Christmas – Santa stuck up the chimney! Anyone who gets to taste these will be blown away by your creativity!


These are so cute! Kids and adults alike will love these reindeer cupcakes. They would work best with chocolate sponge and chocolate buttercream. You will also need red smarties or other sweet for the nose, here on the image there is a chocolate button under the nose which is optional (these will need ‘gluing’ together with melted chocolate), and mini chocolate pretzels for the antlers. For these you could also use chopped up Curly Wurlys or you could make your own from piped melted chocolate left to chill, and they would have the same effect.

(From bakearama.wordpress.com)


These are a perfect ideas particularly for adults, found from annabelkarmel.com. Truffles always make a great gift idea, placed in a nice box the recipients will love these. You don’t have to send them as a gift though, you can keep them all for yourself as they would make lovely little after-dinner nibbles, or great with a hot drink!

There are so many great festive food ideas out there, we hope this little taste of them has inspired you to get creative and try something a little different with your festive feasts this Christmas!

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