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Make this Christmas special with a real Christmas Tree

For many of us, Christmas just does not feel right if you don’t get out there and select a real tree to bring home. Here is how you can make a good choice of trees when you step out with the family. The first step, of course, would be to assess the space that you are going to place the tree in. Check out the corner, view it from all sides and make sure that it is not too close to any electrical points or electronic devices. This brings down the fire hazard. It should also not be placed close to any doors.

With a measure tape note down the height and width of the space that you have for the tree. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a tree that does not have the place to stand tall.

One good way to ensure you get a good tree is to buy it early on. For those living in the urban areas, trees are generally brought in from the countryside and chances are that they have been exposed to the elements for a long time. This can dry out the tree or damage the branches. The best is to find a vendor who has a constant supply of trees coming on different days.

When you are looking for a fresh tree, it has to look nice and green, and have none to very few browning needles. When you touch the needles they should feel flexible and should not come off in your hand. Lift the tree up a bit and drop it down from the trunk side. There should be very few needles falling out of it. When you are looking at the tree it should fit perfectly in the space that it is in. All the sides facing you should look nice and green with strong needles.

It is important that the base of the tree be strong and at least 8 inches long so that it can easily be placed in the stand and balanced. There are different kinds of Christmas trees and some of them can retain their needles for a long time.

And once you are done with the Christmas season be good enough to recycle your tree. There are several groups that will pick up your tree and convert it to chips. It would be the perfect way of ending the festive season. 

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