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Make This Christmas The Brightest One Ever!

One of the fun parts of decorating a Christmas tree is setting up the lighting. While for some people the scheme of things comes pretty naturally, others would need some help in the form of advice. Here are some simple and easy to follow ideas on how to light up your Christmas tree and show it off at its best this year.

Start at the base of your tree – it would be best to use the miniature white bulbs for base and work your way up. To this you can add some the cool-burning bigger sized bulbs in colours. Stick to a base three colour palette to give your tree a seemingly organized look. At this point you could also consider using novelty lights in various shapes and which can work on tricks such as flicker flames or flashing bulbs. You also get range of bubble bulbs as well.

When you buy your range of lights make sure that you get from both common varieties. One will be stacked on top of each other and the other kind is placed on a wire string. With stacked plugs you can put together two or three sets of lights. Usually around three sets of 100 lights or six sets of 50 strand lights can be put together.

For the sake of safety make sure that you do not plug in more than two extension cords together. A smarter way to do things would be buy lengths that you are sure you need and ensure that they can handle the power required by the lights on them. When you are at the store, make sure that you plug in the lights when in the box and test them.

Depending on the size of your tree, visually divide it into three triangular sections. Put in the plug and place the last bulb on the set at the top of the tree. Pass the string in a weaving manner across the first triangle. In all make sure that you do not pass over the cord itself. At the end of the string, plug in the next set and continue the weaving patterns. Do this all the way to the end. In general make sure that you do not cross 300 lights from start to finish. You can repeat the same process for the remaining triangle.

One easy way to find empty spots on the tree is to stand back and squint at the tree with all the lights. You will be able find the open spots and fill them in. Your tree lighting will be evenly done.

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