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Making the Best Use of Christmas Lights for Decoration

Half the fun at Christmas time comes from the joy families get from decorating their homes, be it putting up the tree or lighting up the porch and garden. This feeling of togetherness is second to none and when your home looks special for Christmas, the hard work seems really worth it. To make Christmas time truly magical, spend some time finding a theme, accessories and most importantly the right lights to make your home “Christmas perfect.”

Start your Christmas decoration preparation by choosing a theme. If you live in a place where it does not snow, a snowed in garden theme complete with its snowman would really make your house stand out. For outside Christmas lights, use small pearl lights to light up your snowman and other accessories like the door wreath and reindeers. To create the snowman and reindeer use particle board and old clothing, and outline each figure with small, white pearl lights that look subtle yet extremely festive and magical.

Incandescent net lights in gold also make really amazing and stunning outside Christmas lights. For gardens that have quite a number of shrubs and hedges, these lights can be used to light up all forms of foliage, you can wrap these around tree trunks or around hanging plants on the porch. Another really fun and creative way to use these is to let these bushes grow a month or so before Christmas and to then trim them into fun shapes, a reindeer, a snowman or an angel and then add these lights to make them come to life!

Multicoloured faceted icicles are one of the most exciting and cool outside Christmas lights. Great for people with smaller outdoor area, these can be hung up on the ceiling of the porch and North Pole can be created underneath, complete with little lit up elves, toys and Christmas father. Go all out and stick a sign that even says Santa’s factory and adults and kids will really enjoy this display.

Even really simple touches can make a house look really festive and cosy, a few days before Christmas sit down with your kids or spouse and make cool Christmas crafts which you can actually string together and light up using a number of small Christmas lights like the net lights or the clear garland Christmas lights. There are many types of lights out there to choose from, make sure you find the right length and get something that is energy efficient and safe, as kids do tend to want to touch and feel them once they are lit up.

UK Christmas World offers a huge range of Christmas Lights and Decorations ideal for creating a unique display this Christmas.


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