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Our 10 tips to decorating the perfect Xmas tree.

Your Christmas tree will be the centre of attraction in your home every Christmas. The problem is coming up with a decoration theme each time. Here are some simple yet great decorating tips for your tree that you can mix and match to create something special each year.

The first is to go in for bauble like decorations – glass ball decorations will allow you to add a designer like touch to your tree. If a traditional theme fits into your scheme of things that you could go with the classic colours of Christmas in red, green, gold. You could choose ornaments with solid colours or go in for those that come with graphic design work on them.

Another way of creating a unique and perfect Christmas tree is to make your own decorations. There are so many materials that you can use as a base – papier mache, Christmas cards, string, ribbon, old ornaments that can be restored and so much more that you can create with the materials from around your home. This is one of the best ways of reusing all that you have around you and creating something that is completely unique.

Go with a floral theme. This is one that you can put together by buying part of your decorations, creating the other have and interspersing it with some real flowers as well. You could create a colour scheme out of the flowers that you have on hand or decide on a scheme before you purchase your flowers. This is a sure fire way of creating something unique. 
One way of enhancing the look of your Christmas tree is by adding a touch of nature to it. Bring in a few artificial yet seasonal birds or flowers and add them to the tree. You will be amazed at the kind of difference it will make the entire set up.

To your tree you can add jingling bells as well as silver decorations. Add some winter berries and you will have a tree that will look like a replica of the real deal. A great way of putting up a superlative Christmas tree is by going bold with your colours. This can be choosing a bright metallic shade of blue, green, red and gold for your tree. It will bring the tree to life, especially if you have a wood based interior.


Be different one year and try a white Christmas tree– this is a great way of letting the snow into your home. Add in a few snow owl for good measure and you have a tree unlike any other. Another idea would be to stick to a single colour of Christmas and mix it up with silver – you could go with red or blue or gold.

UK Christmas World has such a huge range of Christmas decorations for you to chose from the sky really is your limit. With a massive range of Christmas lights, indoor LED lights, artificial xmas trees and much more, our online Christmas store is your ideal place to find everything you need to make this Christmas a special one.

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