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Powering Christmas Lights Outside Your Home Couldn't Be Any Easier!

Here's our simple step by step guide to lighting up your garden this Christmas.

House Decorated with Christmas Lights

Outdoor Weatherproof Socket:

The majority of Christmas lights come with transformers which when plugged directly into the outside socket don't allow the weatherproof cover to close making the lights unsafe.

By running a standard four way from the socket into a weatherproof DriBox this means transformers can be placed within the DriBox and the outside socket closes forming a proper seal.

Each standard sizes DriBox holds four larger transformers, so by using two dri boxes you can power upto 8 outdoor christmas lights and decorations from just the two plugs. If you want to have an even higher display then you could daisy chain off each DriBox, each time creating you four more sockets. (Please ensure that you do not overload the power supply, each items should have the overall wattage consumption close to the plug) .

Black Watertight Weatherproof Dribox

If you have power in a shed or green house then simply run the four way directly from the building to the DriBox.

If you don't have any power outside then why not have a look at our range of battery powered Christmas lights.

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