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Preparing For a Stress Free Christmas

As we grow older Christmas can often become less of a celebration and more of a frustration – this is largely due to the increase in our responsibilities and our improved understanding of the origins of Christmas. However there are various tasks and chores that you can complete before the big day to give yourself and your family and friends a stress free Christmas.


One of the worst things about getting ready for the lead up to Christmas is knowing that you have a lot of chores to do and very little time to do them in. We suggest that you clean only the important rooms and let the others look after themselves until the end of the festive season. Rooms such as the kitchen, guest rooms, bathroom and family room should be maintained to give the impression of a welcome home – bedrooms, conservatories and other extensions are less of a priority.


Decorating your Home

Decorating the home is not something that you can do too early as the festive period doesn’t usually start until the beginning of December – but this doesn’t mean that you can’t organise yourself ready for Christmas.

We suggest that you spend a little time designing and creating your own Christmas decorations before the beginning of the festive period – this means that you won’t have to spend precious family time or a lot of money the trimmings.


Festive Food

Purchasing all of your frozen or fresh festive food on the eve of Christmas is not recommended. If you leave all of your food shopping until the last minute you can guarantee a very stressful Christmas as none of the food will be prepared in time. Due to this issue we suggest that you purchase all of your frozen festive food in late November, before the shops sell out.

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Presents & Paper

Festive food is not the only thing that you should be purchasing early. Christmas presents and gifts should also be purchased as early as October to prevent stores from selling out of the item that you need. If you purchase your gifts at a later date and the stores do sell out of the item that you are trying to obtain you could find yourself disappointing a member of your family or a friend due to your lack of organisation.

Purchasing all of your presents early means that you won’t have to attend the shops in the colder months when the stores are also much busier.

As well as purchasing your gifts early we suggest that you wrap a set amount of these presents each week so that you do not find yourself rushing to wrap the rest of your gifts on Christmas Eve.

Wrapping presents as you purchase them means that you will be able to spend your Christmas Eve watching a film or relaxing with a glass of baileys rather than stressing about details that you may have forgotten.


Keeping on top of chores and tasks before the coming of Christmas is a must if you wish to relax and enjoy the festivities – the key is to complete all of the chores that you have assigned to yourself early. For more information regarding the many aspects of Christmas such as decorations, displays and gifts you can get in touch with us here at UK Christmas World for our professional services and advice.

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