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Short On Space – Decorating For The Smaller Home

Grand fir trees creating a focal point in lounges are magnificent sights, with mounds of gifts on the rug underneath and a blazing fire adorned with stocking bulging with presents.  When tinsel hangs across the walls and Santa and his reindeers fly across all the surfaces of your home, you know that Christmas has truly arrived in style.

But what happens when you move into a smaller house or an apartment, when you’re limited to space for your sofa and television?  Where will your Christmas tree go?  Where will Santa land with Rudolph and his friends when your fireplace is a radiator?

couple decorating a christmas tree

Christmas trees don’t necessarily have to be the main decoration for your celebrations.  They have a large footprint and can feel overwhelming in small spaces, perhaps you want to explore your options of alternatives to Christmas trees.  Some innovative solutions that people living in apartments have come up with over the years include the “wall tree.”  Decorating a blank wall with tinsel, baubles and cards in the shape of a Christmas tree can provide a great alternative that takes up no space at all.  Scattering your gifts around the base of the wall tree can lend it an air of authenticity too.  You won’t be fooling anybody, but it could be your only option.  Ensuring you have some great decorations can make the difference between a few fairy lights on a wall and a fantastically original Christmas.

christmas tree on a wall with presents underneath

You could consider investing in a large decorative frame and gluing assorted pieces to the board.  Spending the time to create a work of festive art can lend your home an air of artistry and culture alongside your festivities.  Try popping holes in the board and poking fairy lights in from behind to emulate stars in a night sky or falling snow.  There’s no limit on how creative you can get when making this, let your imagination go wild and embrace the Christmas spirit!

If even wall space is at a premium in your home, look onwards and upwards.  Hanging ornaments and decorations form your ceiling can give your lounge the twinkle of a winter wonderland.  Hang baubles from your light fixtures, fix paper trees and stars to the ceiling with some sticky tape and use some blu-tac to stick fairy lights in festive patterns.  Giving your lounge a dim winter glow just coming from the twinkle of fairy lights could turn you into a no-tree convert for good!

A great way to bring Christmas into a crowded space without cramming extra decorations in is to decorate your existing furniture.  If you’re replacing your dining room in the New Year consider giving it a lick of red and green paint, or draping a festive throw over your armchairs and sofas.  Remember that family visits will be rife over Christmas, so put some thought into where you’re going to put them all.  A sofa bed might be a good investment if you’re expecting company in December.

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