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Springtime Stock Up - Spare Parts, Replacements and Accessories

Some may think it’s a bit early to be thinking about these kinds of things, but here at UK Christmas World we think it’s never too early to start preparations for the festive season. When it comes round to November and December time, things seem to get so intense with buying and organising and the hustle and bustle in the run up to Christmas, why not spread out some of the responsibilities over the rest of the year?

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If you can’t quite prepare yourself to look at festive decorations and lights just yet, why not make springtime the time of year to stock up on spares, accessories and replacements for your current Christmas. This will be great for giving you one less thing to worry about later in the year!


One pain around Christmas time – batteries!
They seem to be needed for everything especially at Christmas! Whether it be for children’s toys, lights, decorations or gadgets we always find ourselves short of batteries, wishing we’d stocked up in advance.
So why not take this opportunity to replenish your stock of batteries after Christmas 2017?
Here at UK Christmas World our batteries are amazing quality and will keep your decorations and gifts running for hours! We have a great range of different kinds of batteries such as an 8 Pack of AA, 4 Pack of AAA and 2 Pack of D Cell Batteries.

Other useful accessories to stock up on include our handy gutter hooks which are available in 36 Mini Hooks or 16 Giant Hooks. After the last Christmas season you may have found your current stock of hooks decrease if you’ve lost or damaged some over last winter, so why not top up the numbers ready to go again next winter?

Are you worried your decorations might not be protected until next Christmas? Whether you keep your Christmas trimmings throughout the year in the loft or garage, it’s important they have the proper storage solution to keep them neat, tidy, clean and safe until the next time you need them! Maybe you’re ready for an update with these items? On our UK Christmas World website we have plenty of Christmas storage items including our Small Christmas Light Storage Box and our Ornament Storage Box. Both are durable and have securely fastening lids to keep them organised and dust free until Christmas 2018! Check out our Accessories section where you can also find Christmas tree storage bags!

Perhaps last Christmas you’ve had a plug, cable or transformer that decided to pack in?! Our website is also well stocked with replacement and spare parts helping you to get your favourite decorations and displays up and running again in no time! You can find products like our 3 AA Battery Eliminator Power Pack and our 10m Low Voltage Extension Lead amongst many other fantastic Christmas Light Accessories that will help to complete your spring time stock up!

This blog has just a handful of ideas on how you can replenish some of your Christmas stock earlier in the year. Our UK Christmas World website is open all year round, so why not make life a little easier and spread out some of your festive shopping earlier into the year and into spring time now? Check out all these spares and accessories seen in this blog and many more, as well as our ranges of Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees and Home Décor items if you fancy treating yourself to some early festive décor!

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