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Staying Safe With Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are an incredibly popular decoration for the festive season, and can be a beautiful addition to your home if handled responsibly, although there are a few things to take into consideration to stay safe with these lights. In this article I will attempt to outline a few safety tips for the holiday season when decorating your home.

The first step when purchasing Christmas lights is to make sure that the sets of lights have some form of electric current safety mark or certification upon the box, this will ensure that the lights have been tested against high levels of current and surges, minimising the risk to you and your family. Make sure you purchase from a reputable vendor, as there is no insurance of compliance to safety regulations with cheap knockoff products, which can be underestimated in terms of potential fire hazard.  Also, avoid buying second hand lights unless they are proven PAT tested since their passing into your possession. Look for the 24 volt and double insulators to insure that the current control is at a reasonable level.

When you have purchased your new Christmas lights, there a few things you must take into consideration to use them safely, the first thing to do would be check the leads and bulbs for any faults in factory production, look for any damaged or exposed leads, anything that looks amiss in regards to the general connectivity of the wire. Also, when it becomes necessary to replace a bulb, never do so with the lights plugged in and in the process of current transfer, the docks for the bulbs can be dangerous if touched when current is present.

Always follow the instructions that are provided by the manufacturer with the product.  A good idea could be to use a surge protector to insure additional safety. Also, the lights will be very clearly marked to be indoor or outdoor Christmas lights do not use them in their unintended environment as safety cannot be assured. Keep your lights clear of decorative items that could be potentially flammable, or any flammable materials in general. Make sure that the leads for the lights are not in a place where your family regularly walk, as they can become a tripping hazard.

When dismantling your Christmas lights for storage until the following year, take extra special care repacking the lights and avoid damaging them. Keeping them out of hot or damp conditions is a good idea to to prevent moisture building on the inside of the bulbs.

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