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The Benefits of Using LED Christmas Lights

New innovations in technology are changing the way we live our lives, coming towards the Christmas season people are looking for more economically and environmentally friendly ways to light their homes for decoration, and things have progressed extremely far in the last decade in terms of safety and sustainability. There have been so many tragedies caused by faulty equipment or substandard lighting at Christmas that have led to fires and not just the presents have been burnt.   In this article I will list the advantageous aspects of this new generation of lights in comparison to the traditional Christmas lights.

LED Christmas lights are becoming an incredibly popular choice in residential properties. The first advantage would be the massive benefits they offer in terms of energy consumption. Outdoor LED Christmas lights use about 1/10th of the power that traditional lights consume.  They are also available in any colour for a low price in comparison to the cost of coloured traditional Christmas lights in comparison to their orange counterparts.

The next advantageous element would be their incredibly long lifespan, and durability. High quality connective copper and aluminium present in the wiring ensures for perfect circuitry and long term sustainability, they are constructed from solid state materials without reliance on metallic filaments that could lead to burnouts or breakages. These filaments make the lights a lot more resistant to physical damage and general wear over the years. Their lifespan, taking into consideration the lower energy usage is leagues ahead of the traditional Christmas lighting.


The overall benefit that you receive is a much more intense colour, in comparison to the subtle, yellow tinted colour that traditional lights provide.  Many people worry about the flammability of typical iridescent Christmas lights in regards to their high usage of electrical current. This flammability threat is significantly lowered to the point of near-extinction with LED technology as the current is usually so low that the diodes are unable to heat themselves to a point of causing a fire or any threat in the home, but still require some care when looking after them purely for precautionary measures.

The only potential downside of this technology is that wildlife has been known to damage the LED diodes under the impression that they are food or some sort of threat, namely squirrels. The LED light sets designed for outdoor usage are incredibly durable but will eventually decay with continued attention from wildlife; animal experts have said that leaving other distractions nearby such as nuts will detract the creatures from attacking your Christmas display.

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