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The History of Christmas Trees

As a nation, us Brits just love Christmas and we all choose to celebrate the festive occasion in our own individual ways. We all have our personal reasons why we love Christmas so much, whether that’s because of the snowy, wintery weather, the work’s Christmas party with a free bar or simply just turning our homes into our own mini Blackpool illuminations!

There is always that one iconic Christmas decoration which is present in almost every home, shopping centre and church during the festive period and that is the Christmas Tree. Whether that be small potted, large freshly cut, artificial or fibre optic, the options are endless.

The question is...why do we use a tree to symbolise such a religious celebration?

It is believed that the first Christmas trees were introduced into homes in Germany during the Renaissance period. It was during the 16th century that the first lights were added to Christmas trees by a German professor Martin Luther.

The use of freshly cut evergreen trees, wreaths and garlands were used to decorate homes to symbolise eternal life and the tree points towards heaven where the son of Christ is watching over everyone.

It is believed that the first Christmas Tree was introduced to the UK by Prince Albert in 1841 and placed in Windsor Castle. Prince Albert wanted to continue the traditions which he was used to partaking in throughout his childhood in Germany. The royal family featured in a national newspaper all standing around their beautifully decorated Christmas Tree and the tradition of decorating the family tree became a popular occurrence in many family homes!

Nowadays Christmas Trees are decorated using tinsel, baubles, sweet treats and string lights, with the presents placed underneath ready for Christmas Day. Christmas trees in homes were previously all real and were mainly fir trees, however, these days we have many varieties available to us including spruces, pines and firs, along with an extensive range of artificial. Artificial Christmas Trees are regarded to be the more eco-friendly option as they will last on average for around ten years and longer if they are well looked after. Our online shop UK Christmas World stocks an extensive range of artificial Christmas trees, so whether you fancy a new fibre optic, pre lit, a little table top tree or just a traditional artificial Christmas tree, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice!


The first decorations used to accessorise Christmas trees consisted of candles which represented the stars in the sky during the birth of baby Jesus. However this method of light was a dangerous fire hazard and as soon as there was an alternative lighting method this was used instead. Brightly colourful fairy lights were used to continue the ‘light of the world theme’.
UK Christmas World stocks many different sizes, styles and coloured LED’s so whether you need indoor, outdoor or just something small and battery powered we’re sure to have it all.

Sweets and cakes were hung on the Christmas tree with ribbon during Victorian period and that tradition is still present today in many homes. When it comes to baubles, here at UK Christmas World we just love them!! We stock traditional assortments of poinsettia decoupage baubles, shabby chic and vintage tree hangings and bright and colourful tree baubles. You’ll be needing another tree to fill as you’ll be spoilt for choice!
Woolworths were the first major company to manufacture and sell Christmas Tree Ornaments which turned out to be very popular and encouraged other large department stores to continue in their footsteps.

Christmas Trees are the perfect seasonal accessory and there is sure to be something for everyone on our website, regardless of your budget. Whether you fancy a real or artificial tree there are many different tree accessories to set yours apart from the rest. So whatever your style or colour scheme start organising early and get this essential Christmas decoration bought now!

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