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The Magical Christmas Elf

How can Santa know which children have been good and which bad? How can he deliver all of those presents to children all over the world? As you might know he has little helpers, elves! Elves are little creatures that help Santa with everything. There are some which work in his workshop to make the presents, others look after his reindeer and some go to people’s houses to check on the children!

legs and feet of a Christmas elf holding a present

You might wonder what elves look like but not many people have seen them because they are either at the North Pole helping with the preparations or on a secret mission for Santa to find the good children. Although not many people have seen them, rumour has it that they are quite small, wear red and green clothes and have very pointy noses and big ears. Every elf wears a pointy hat, too.

christmas elf surrounded by gifts on a laptop

Elves can be quite cheeky. They like jumping on the sofa, watching television and having a midnight snack. They love sugar, so sometimes you can find some spilled sugar with footsteps in it. If they like the kids, they might leave little surprises for them for the morning. Elves run around in the house only at night, because Santa tells them not to be seen. If you are an early bird, you might be able to find them in their crazy hiding spots. They love to sleep in pockets, behind cushions or in the pantry. They are very imaginative, they could be anywhere!

When elves arrive they like to make an entrance! They either slide down the chimney like Santa or can be found under the Christmas tree. They always carry around a notebook to make notes on the kids’ behaviour for Santa. When Santa arrives he looks at the notes and decides whether or not these children get any presents.

If you want to bring some Christmas spirit in your home before Christmas already and surprise your kids a little, elves can be a great way to wake some excitement for Christmas in them and shorten the waiting time until Santa arrives. Imagine how excited they would be if one day they found some footsteps in spilled sugar in the kitchen and a little treat from the elf staying with you in their gloves?

This year there was no elf at your house? Maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands with this game for the whole neighbourhood. A neighbour leaves a bag with treats with an elf sign and poem explaining how to play the game in front of someone’s house. The family who has been “elf-ed” has to write another poem and pass the basket on to another neighbour.

No matter what, the elf tradition is a great way to get the whole family into Christmas spirit and surprise them with a cheeky prank – just like elves love to do!

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