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The Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

Everyone loves it when Christmas comes around and we get to put up our decorations, but these people really pulled out all of the stops and went crazy with their Christmas decorations and displays! Here are the most expensive ones from around the world, we really love Christmas here at UK Christmas World, but we were blown away by how much these people spent on their trimmings!


The Most Expensive Christmas Tree

Royal Emirates Hotel Abu Dhabi - $11 million

The 40 feet tall tree is decorated with silver and gold bows, white lights and baubles as well as jewellery including necklaces and earrings, giving it its enormous record value! Billed as a 7 stare hotel you can book as stay for $1 million, which includes a chauffeur, private jet and butler!

Most Expensive Wreath

VeryFirstTo.com - $4.6 million

The most expensive wreath comes complete with luxury flowers and leaves, 16 rubies, 32 diamonds, a 17.49 carat ruby and a 3.03 carat yellow diamond. It was assembled by the Finnish Director of Flor Unikon Flowers, a florist to the rich, famous and royal! The super-rich will have to spend $4.6 million to have the best wreath on Millionaires Row!

(image from money.aol.co.uk)

Gold Christmas Tree

Japan - $4.2 million

Dreamt up in Ginza Tanaka, a gold accessory specialist, this 2.4 metre high Christmas tree was built in collaboration with Walt Disney Japan to celebrate their 110th anniversary. It is made from 88 pounds of gold and showcases 50 favourite Disney characters.

(image from nipponnews.com)

Floating Christmas Tree

Rio de Janeiro - $1.1 million

Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon is the home to an 82 feet high tree and is a gathering place for many tourists each year. It has the Guinness World Record for the greatest Christmas tree on water. It was first built in 2005 and has been installed every year since! It is decorated by candles, grains of corn and ornamental balls as well as millions of lights and decorative tape. It doesn’t come cheap, the amount of electricity used to power it is the same as 300 three bedroom houses! A water show accompanies the tree every morning at 8am and repeated until 11am, with 48 pumps around the tree shooting jets of water into the air, mixed with music and lights it is a popular display to both locals and tourists. 

(image from telegraph.co.uk)

Gold Table Top Christmas Tree

Chicago - $500,000

Steve Quick was the man responsible for this dazzling creation. He created a table top Christmas tree reaching a massive $500,000. This tree comes complete with over 2kg of solid 18 carat gold and 200 karats of diamonds! 

(image from thedailydrifts.com)


Most Expensive Bauble

Hallmark Jewellers, Hampshire, England - $125,000

You wouldn’t want to drop this one! This is the world’s most expensive bauble and is made of 18 carat white gold, covered in more than 1500 diamonds and the rings surrounding it are covered in rubies. It took a whole year to design and make! It isn’t surprising that it comes with its own security – a steel framed case with 6mm thick laminated glass, and a microwave bubble with an alarm that sounds if it is broken! The shop then fills with smoke! It was created by the owners of the famous family jewellers and it took over 130 hours just to set the gems in.

(image from telegraph.co.uk)


Chocolate Christmas Tree
Sceaux, France - $45,000

This 32 feet high chocolate masterpiece was created by a French chocolatier in his laboratory in Paris. His name was Patrick Rogers and his piece of ‘architecture’ was made to help raise funds for a television show to support a charity, which researches neuromuscular diseases. This incredible piece of architecture weighs 4 tonnes and viewers of the television show received a chunk of the tree in exchange for a donation!

(image from oddee.com)


Most Expensive Nativity Set

USA $3,400

This super-glitzy nativity set was created by Jay Strongwater, and is classically sculpted, hand enamelled and hand set with Swarovski crystals. Hand crafted in the USA Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus could be yours for $3,400, you could say the most budget friendly from all of our list!

(image from theweek.com)

These bonkers Christmas decorations definitely made our jaws drop, but it just shows the extremes people go to for their love of Christmas!

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