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The Top 6 Key Pointers to Getting Your Outside Christmas Lights Right

There are six key pointers that anyone can follow to get their outside Christmas lights right. First you need to pick a theme. Next decide on which lights to use. Third you have to pick which outdoor lawn ornaments to use. Fourth and most important is to make a plan. Fifth, determine the number of lights needed. Last you need to get everything that is needed for your lawn and garden before you start working on it. The goal is to have a display that looks well-coordinated, no matter if it is classic or whimsical.

Picking a theme should always be the first step. Once it is selected you need to stick with it. This is how the professionals can pull off such spectacular winter scenes with lights. Having a set theme can also make all of the rest of the steps much easier. Decide if you want your lighting display to reflect the religious side of Christmas, or a more whimsical Santa and presents feel to it. Think about the lights themselves. Do you want them to be bright and flashy? Maybe something traditional or subdued will work better for your home. Outdoor LED Christmas lights come in so many varieties that you are only limited by your imagination.

Now you need to decide which lights to use. Mini lights are quite popular and work nicely with a traditional theme, especially if they are all white. Multi coloured lights are perfect for a more whimsy. You can also choose to stick with just a couple of colours such as all red and green. Net lights are elegant and easy to use on bushes and small trees, and icicles are a wonderful added touch to the roof line. For a more retro look, try using the C7 or C9 lights around doors and windows.

Pick out which lawn ornaments to incorporate with the outdoor LED Christmas lights you are using. Inflatables in your favourite characters can be especially fun to use. Sculptures such as reindeer or snowmen covered in white lights will fit in nicely with more traditional themes. You can also find many selections of outdoor lighted topiaries on-line that you could use on either side of a door or to add lights around the garden areas.

Once you know your theme and type of lights to use, you need to make a plan. This will give you a much more pleasing end result, as opposed to randomly adding a string of lights here and there. Draw it out on paper to help visualize it.

Now you need to determine the number of lights needed. Check your ones you already have for missing bulbs and frayed wires. Replace ones that can’t be saved. Measure around doors, windows, and roof lines before you go shopping. This way you will know how many lights to buy.
Be sure to get everything you need before you start this project. Remember to get extension cords and clips too. This will reduce frustration and make decorating more fun.


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